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Migration of user accounts to the DJ-Extensions website

We recently informed our blog about the upcoming changes to the Joomla-Monster website.

As announced, we have migrated all Joomla-Monster users' accounts to the domain and we redirected the direct purchase of products there.

In this article, you will find a detailed explanation of what has happened. Find out what has changed and how your user account now works.

Implemented changes

To improve our system, to make things easier for ourselves, and our users, we decided to move all user accounts to the DJ-Extensions site and we have also redirected all Joomla-Monster products to the DJ-Extensions site. Joomla templates and extensions can only be purchased directly there.

The Joomla-Monster site works and will continue to work, all templates are still available but an attempt to purchase selected template redirects to DJ-Extensions.

Joomla templates are no longer sold as single products, they are divided into 4 thematic groups:

  • Business,
  • WCAG,
  • Classifieds,
  • eCommerce

If a user is interested in purchasing a particular template, he purchases a whole package and receives access to the entire group (with the included Joomla extensions).

User accounts

Each Joomla-Monster user now has a DJ-Extensions user account, accessing purchased Joomla templates and extensions.

Joomla-Monster user accounts have been retained, along with all purchased plans. The account's achievements, therefore, remain unchanged. The same applies to login credentials - they remain the same as for the Joomla-Monster account.

With this account, the user can download products and manage license keys. Everything is in one place (templates and extensions).

Users who own a purchased template (or templates) from a selected category have been given automatic access to the rest of the templates from a given category.

The Unlimited Pack

Active subscribers of the Unlimited plan (all templates and extensions package) now have also access to all products on the DJ-Extensions website.

If the user had an active plan with access to all templates and extensions, he still has this privilege. 

In addition, he can use all DJ-Extensions products, which were not previously included in the templates and could only be purchased directly from the DJ-Extensions website!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.