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Imagine you are the owner of the best Joomla classifieds portal. JM-Joomads, HOT release!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Recently we have released the another classified ads Joomla template - JM-Joomads for Joomla 3.x & 2.5
The demo site of this amazing template has been arranged in a such way to show you the example of the classifieds portal with cars, real estate, hotel apartments or furniture items and many more. We would like to show you numerous features of this brilliant classifieds Joomla extension as you can build any kind of classifieds site with it.


If you need to check all DJ-Classifieds options at the back end please test drive here and also get familair with all listed functionalities of DJ-Classifieds component, modules and plugins.


dj-classifieds test drive


DJ-Classifieds - Table view


dj-classifieds table view


Please also note that the demo copy - quickstart is included to the template price as well as high quality manual for Joomla 3.x version - it's full of screenshots that shows components configured settings.

DJ-Classifieds is included for FREE with this template.


We also strongly encourage you to take a look at all views of DJ-MediaTools - gallery extention.
It works seamlessly with DJ-Classifieds displaying classifieds items.
We couldn't make a quick decision which slider or gallery view to assign to the front page of JM-Joomads template.
Navigate Extensions -> DJ-MediaTools on the demo site and take closer look at all views starting from album grid and ending with nivo slider. Really difficult choice!
There are also few additional DJ-Mediatools modules that using module suffixes presents 3 another views for Gallery Grid layout, Slider and Modern Slider layout or specific read more buttons for all views (check Template Features -> Module Suffixes on the demo site).


Gallery Grid layout with the module suffix usage.


Gallery Grid layout


DJ-MediaTools is included for FREE with this template.


It's worth to mention DJ-MegaMenu. The flexibility of this modern & responsive menu module allows you to create multicolumn submenus and place any module inside to draw site visitors attention to any featured content you want. 

DJ-MegaMenu is included for FREE with this template.




Moreover, I would like to focus your attention on the template features as well. Please do not miss to check all modules designs that this template offers as well as all template layouts: for desktops, portrait & landscape orientation layout for tablets and mobiles.

TIP: How to check responsive template on mobile device?

Do not forget to take closer look at EF3 Framework options - you will be surprised with its helpful and useful configuration settings.


Joomla 3 best template framework


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