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HCT is comming soon!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News


HCT is the abbreviation of Highly Customizable Template.


We are happy to announce that our first HCT Joomla template is coming soon, it should be ready to buy next week.

The HCT template is a bomb of powerful tools availabe at the template manager that allow to compose your own template version. The template configuration page includes many useful settings to manage your template (like template layout settings for desktops, tablets, mobiles or other standard settings for fonts or backgrounds ) but additional features to compose your own template color version may become interesting for you!

HCT framework will be the base for our new templates but do not take it as an another framework that works in the similar way as others. We will keep releasing various thematic templates that can't be similar to each other no matter if it's the school template or business one :)

What does it mean?


Let's take any template that includes few template color versions, for example JM-Sport template.
The template has its own design and includes 3 template color versions. If you use the color switcher at the bottom of the template, you will notice that many template parts changes their background colors. HCT template allows to choose any color for each template part that changes for each template color version. This way you can compose additional template version! What is more, you will be able to export, download or upload configuration settings as there are many parameters to configure.

The first template is almost ready.
It's JM-HCT-Pharmacy Joomla template, as you noticed, the HCT template will include HCT abbreviation in its name.
Take a look at the scrennshot of the coming template, the demo site will be available soon.


The detailed documentation about HCT framework and detailes about JM-HCT-Pharmacy will be available soon in our FAQ section - we are working on the whole documentation, so it's not published yet.