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Goodbye IE9!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We want to inform you that henceforth we cease support for IE9. Someone may ask "Why?" :)

Thus we save developers time and we will be able to focus on newer browsers. We don't want to spend hours solving unclear bugs of prehistoric IE versions :) Instead, we spend that time to solve users problems and improve templates for other, better browsers.

Our aim is to create templates that will delight your aesthetically senses. Due to this, that we won’t support the outdated technologies we’ll be able to fully benefit of modern solutions.

Problematic thing is to adapt our extensions for IE9. It's an old browser and doesn’t support many new useful standards like CSS3 animations or providing other image sizes for different screens (srcset + sizes).

It is also important that IE9 is susceptible to a security breach. We respect user's privacy and data, so we want to reduce the risk of threats as far as possible.

According to the statistics, the number of  ie9 users has been constantly decreasing. The amount of time spent to ensuring full compatibility with IE9 is not commensurate with the actual effects- it’s a Pyrrhic victory.