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Give me a birthday present, I'll give you a gift :)

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Joomla-Monster is celebrating its fifth birthday on 24th April!

Monster Bear is no different from us – he loves to receive presents. Since he has many friends from all over the Wolrd he expects lots gifts :D
He prepared something like a party for all of You, everyone is invited to join!

Well, because you can’t simply pack your present and visit us that's why the party is based on your photos with Monster bear!

No matter if you live in Europe, Africa, America, Asia or Oceania, in the big city or in the small village.
Make a photo of your place on earth – inspiring, exciting, funny, surprising or amazing. 
Take a picture with Joomla-Monster logo – you can print one of the attached files out (see below), make it out of bananas, draw it on the sand or blow out the smoke in Joomla-Monster logo shape – everything goes as long as it’s interesting!

Show us yourself  – fishing, riding a bike or taming lion – every form of activity is welcome :)
Show off your favourite or most exciting place you're used to be!

World Map Joomla-Monster

Every photo will be displayed in the gallery.
The best ones will be awarded with Monster gifts!

This action will last for two weeks starting from today – closing date is 16th May.
No time to lose, prizes to win!
Monster Bear can’t wait to see you all! So grab the phone or a camera and win amazing awards.

Have fun!