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DJ-Travel for joomla 1.6 already released!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

dj-travel DJ-Travel template has been recently converted for joomla 1.6 , really great with fresh appearance and ideal for travel agency solutions because of the template's azur graphic design.
The new version of that template includes a few more features such as new our extensions, new useful module positions and additional module suffix options.
Take a look at template's features here.

As you can see at "Module Positions" article, "top" and "bottom" modules are flexible, so you can display max. 3 modules in one row, then the next modules will be displayed in the new row etc.
What is more you can use "blue" suffix to distinguish few of them, as it is currently shown at the demo website.
Take a look also the other specific suffix, that can be used to adjust the modules' height.
For example if you would like to display 3 modules at "bottom" position using suffix"blue" you may meet the problem to get the same hieght of the background.
Just need to use the suffix in the way that is described in the above article, remeber to enetr the height suffix after the suffix of colour.

The extensions implemented to the demo website: DJ-Menu, DJ-ImageSlider, DJ-LikeBox.