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DJ-Real-Estate02 - real estate classifieds portal

| Andrzej Herzberg | News


You will find this template perfect to create real estate classifieds portal with Joomla. Why? Since we did our best to build this demo site as much intuitive as it's possible for any site visitor: the one who wants to find the offer or the one who want to add the offer.

What you need to know?


Your site visitors may add real estate classifieds for free or pay to promote them.

You can charge customers who would like to promote their ads. DJ-Classifieds - Joomla classifieds component allows to select from 6 options of ads promoting. They are determined by price and style conditions.  
Take a look at the promotion list:


Now check how it reflects on the demo site site:

Blog view of classifieds - DJ-Real-Estate02


1. The secret garden uses all styles to promote the ad for 17.00 EUR

2. Bedroom Furnishes uses "Border" for 2.00 EUR

3.  Garage for Rent uses "Special" style for 5.00 EUR

NOTE: you can determine your own prices for each promotion style! 

Table view of classifieds  - DJ-Real-Estate02


Search fields may be determined by the site administrator.

The detailed info about the advertied house relates to the custom fields that you can determine at the classifieds back end.
Let's take a look at the secret garden's detailed description, click on the item to display full description, you will see:


All custom fields uses the same rule for entering the info. At first you have to create custom fields that you want to enable for you customers who are going to add ads.
Take a look at examples of custom fields for our template, it's back end of DJ-Classifieds:


As you can see the type of field may be choosen (inputbox, selectlist, textarea, radio, checkbox) - so you can choose the most suitable one. It depends on the kind of info.
What is more, you can also determine if you want to display the particular custom field in the search module.
Taking into account our example, external features and internal features are excluded from the search module.

And finally the search module looks as follows: