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DJ-Furniture and JM-Medicine converted for joomla 1.6 !

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We have released 2 new template versions for joomla 1.6 recently.
The first one is DJ-Furniture template, which front page view is also refreshed comparing with the latest version.
DJ-Imageslider module ( that works with DJ-ImageSlider component )  was placed at "header" position instead of static image. In case you would like to put the custom module of single image, there is no problem to do it.

The template uses our new menu module that uses mootools effects - DJ-Menu ( that's optional )
We also added few new custom modules to give you more content arrangement examples.
Read the following article to learn more about template features like module suffixes or logo insertion.

Of course few module positions are completely different than in the latest version, please take it also into account.

The another template is JM-Medicine , which front page was also modified in respect of displayed content.
Few module positions were added to make the template more attractive, the new custom modules shows the way of displaying your own custom modules.
The template also uses DJ-ImageSlider component and the new mootools DJ-Menu module.
Here you can learn more about template's features.