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DJ-FashionStore - a brand new eCommerce Joomla and WordPress template based on YOOtheme page builder.

DJ-FashionStore is the new release, the first of the templates we prepare for Joomla 4 and WordPress. It’s based on the YOOtheme Pro web builder - the Joomla version works with the DJ-Catalog2 extension, and the WordPress version is integrated with WooCommerce.

Due to the changes introduced earlier this year, new Joomla templates will now be published and available to purchase on the DJ-Extensions website only.

We are working on new templates based on the YOOTheme framework, and another 2 eCommerce templates will be released soon. You can also expect the release of WCAG templates, which are purposed for office or education websites.

If you are looking for a modern Joomla 4 template/ WordPress theme for your online store, we are you’ll find DJ-FashionStore very interesting.

Who is this solution for?

DJ-FashionStore is an eCommerce solution for fashion category companies. It suits well for a small business but can also be an excellent solution for a big company with an established position in the fashion market.

Thanks to the included integrations (DJ-Catalog2 and WooCommerce), you can adapt the templates to a different thematic category and sell your products online.

The Joomla 4 template version

DJ-FashionStore Joomla template is a ready-to-use online shop based on the DJ-Catalog2 component and YOOtheme Pro web builder. Thanks to the implemented solutions, you can quickly and easily configure the site, delivery, and payment methods, add your products for sale and start selling your goods.

Check the demo site.

Main features:

  • Full integration of DJ-Catalog2 and YOOtheme Pro

Using the DJ-Catalog2 YOOtheme Integrator plugin, you can manage product card templates or product list views from the web builder. You can also build product areas anywhere on the page using YOOtheme elements and those provided by the plugin.

  • Multi-language / multi-currency support

The template brings native language support from the DJ-Catalog2 component - each product can be assigned to a specific language.

Currency conversion is based on the exchange rate from the National Bank of Poland or the exchange rate set "manually." Currency switch works in each site area (also on front modules.)

  • Dynamic content

You can easily combine the online shop component (DJ-Catalog2) with the YOOtheme web builder elements. Display a list of products by various criteria, a list of manufacturers or categories, etc.

DJ-FashionStore for Joomla 4 includes 5 Joomla extensions:

  • DJ-Catalog2 - the Joomla eCommerce and catalog extension
  • DJ-Catalog2 Integrator - a Joomla plugin integrating DJ-Catalog2, the catalog and eCommerce solution with YOOtheme page builder
  • DJ-MegaMenu - advanced, accessible Joomla menu system
  • DJ-FlipBook - a plugin working with YOOtheme PRO that lets your site visitors read the PDF files like a book
  • DJ-TimeLine - A plugin for displaying articles or manually added items on a timeline as a slideshow.

The WordPress theme version

DJ-FashionStore WordPress theme comes with full integration of WooCommerce with YOOtheme Pro. You can manage product card templates or product list views within the web builder. There is also an ability to build product areas anywhere on the site using YOOtheme elements dedicated to WooCommerce.

Check the demo site.

YOOtheme Pro 2.5 brings 18 new WooCommerce elements to the page builder that allows you to customize your entire WooCommerce store fully.

Create templates for your store pages and individual products, category and tag archives, and arrange new elements in your layout using the page builder sections, rows, and columns.

There is also the Dynamic content feature available! Combine WooCommerce with the YOOtheme web builder elements and display a list of products according to many criteria in a grid or slider area.

DJ-FashionStore for WordPress includes 2 plugins:

  • DJ-FlipBook - a plugin working with YOOtheme PRO that lets your site visitors read the PDF files like a book
  • DJ-TimeLine - a plugin for displaying articles or manually added items on a timeline as a slideshow.

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