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DJ-Classifieds version 3.9 beta brings the Joomla 4 support and a lot of changes

The wait is almost over. After months of hard work, we're proud to announce the DJ-Classifieds version beta working with Joomla 4.

The latest Beta version of DJ-Classifieds, the Joomla classified ads extension, brings also many new features, fixes, and improvements.

The version stable will be ready soon. After the release of the stable version, we will also launch the integration with YOOtheme, which will allow the creation of the layout in the visual editor.

What's new?

Joomla 4 support

The most important news regarding the latest update (that so many DJ-Classifieds users have been waiting for) is that it's compatible with Joomla 4. This version also works with Joomla 3.x.

Performance optimization

As the component's core has been rewritten for Joomla 4, some script improvements were made along the way, allowing the component to work faster in specific scenarios.

That, with the removal of duplicated code, also made the component’s package weight heavily reduced.

New sub-views and layouts

Since the front-end views have been partly rewritten, in some cases, their structure was changed, introducing new sub-views and new layouts (for the code parts reusable in multiple areas), allowing developing the optional view overrides easier and more pleasant.

We also tried to remember about backward compatibility - to make everything work fine for all sites updating from previous versions of the component, including the ones using view overrides already.

NoteIn case of any problems, first check if all works fine without overrides. In some cases, the new overrides, based on the latest views/sub-views, might need to be created.

No MooTools

Along with giving the component Joomla 4 compatibility, the use of the Joomla legacy MooTools JS library has been dropped - the component views (both admin and front) now use jQuery.
Noteif you are using old view overrides, MooTools might still be needed

New features

This update is not only the “Joomla 4 update” but also a significant update regarding new features for all the users (using Joomla 3 or 4).

Some of the most important new features are:

User payments front view

Showing all the logged-in user payments is now possible using a dedicated “User payments” menu item.

Admin payments export

With one click, admins can export data about payments (all or the checked ones) to the .csv file.

Admin Ajax sorting

There is no need to enter the ordering value on lists manually - you can now drag and drop the items to change their order.

Meta keywords/description for regions

It was available for categories and now is for regions, providing the metadata for items and items pages connected to the specific regions.

Adding profiles to favourites

Similar to how the advert can be assigned to “favorites,” it now works for user profiles.

Note: if the star icon does not show up next to the profile after enabling this feature, your template might need additional styling.

Automatic user group reassignment on profile verification

A new param allows automatically re-assign users from group A to group B once they are marked as “Verified” on the admin Profiles page.

Profiles list ordering

It was missing, but now it’s there - after choosing which sorting options should be available for the profiles list, users will be able to sort by them.

New “Autopublish” option, after advert edit only

If you wanted to verify the new adverts before publishing but didn’t want to do that after each advert’s edit, now you can.

NoteThere is an exception - if the advert is a paid one - once the payment is marked as completed (by payment plugin’s automatic confirmation or manually by admin), the advert will be published automatically, as if it was edited one.

Choosing captcha plugin

You can now choose the captcha plugin used by the component from the list of all the enabled captcha plugins (as it works in core Joomla).

Abuse reports for guest users

The user sending an abuse report no longer needs to be registered on-site (it’s recommended to have a Captcha plugin enabled when using this option).

Excluding categories in Category tree

The new param allows to exclude some of the categories in the Category tree menu item.

Choosing core fields to search through

You can decide what core fields should be considered while filtering items via the Search module (using the main text input field).

Custom field's icon

There is a new param in the Field edit page, allowing to show image on front’s Item/Profile page, before the field’s label.

Custom field's Link text

There is a new param in the Field edit page (for the “Link” field type), allowing to display custom text instead of the field’s value.

Hiding category select on Add item page

Suppose there is one category available on the Add item page (e.g., category permissions set), and there is no child category. In that case, the category select field will not be displayed (its category custom fields will be displayed automatically).

Default blank image .png replaced by .svg

As the .svg image is fully scalable, it won’t look pixelated, no matter what part of the page it takes to be displayed.

Bug fixes

This update also fixes some bugs found in the previous version.

Who can use the Beta version for Joomla 4?

All active subscribers of DJ-Classifieds can download the beta version from the download section.

Can I use this version on production websites?

Remember that this is a beta version, so it's essential first to make a backup of the site on which you're testing it. We do not recommend installing this version on production websites.

Let us know if you found any issues with this beta release

We have tested the release. However, we'd like to ask you to check this version first.

If you find any issues, please contact us to let us know what's wrong, and we will fix them in the stable version.

Maybe we should add something more to the stable release? Do you miss any features?

We can build and customize any classified ads website for you. If you have questions about development services - contact us.

The content of the blog post comes from the DJ-Extensions website: DJ-Classifieds version 3.9 beta brings the Joomla 4 support and a lot of changes

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