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DJ-Classifieds component 3.7.7 with Full OpenStreetMap support, new control panel and more features!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We are happy to introduce the latest version of DJ-Classifieds, the classified ads Joomla extension. It includes full support for OpenStreetMaps and more enhancements that will make working with DJ-Classifieds smooth.

Check what's new in DJ-Classifieds

Full OpenStreetMap support

The OpenStreetMap is a new equivalent for Google Maps. As you may know, Google recently updated its policy for using Google Maps.

This changes adds limits for free usage and requires users to attach their credit cards to the account, which is not accepted or cannot be processed by some organizations. Google Maps can also be limited in certain countries - so this is where OpenStreetMap steps in.


Starting from this version, OpenStreetMap is supported in these views and modules:

If you want to switch from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap here's what you need to do:

POI (Points of Interest) in OpenStreetMap.

One of the new features you can use with the OSM is hints (suggestions) that appear in the search module when using the Address field as well as in the submission form. Similar to what you may know from Google Maps features when the user starts typing in one of those fields - the suggestions pulled via OSM API are displayed and can be clicked to use as a search.

 Points of interest

OpenStreetMap - Geolocation services

OSM provides the geolocation services as well so when using the "Use my location" button in submission form of the advert or the location icon in the search module - the map (in the submission form) and location address in the address field in the search module are updated and can be used to search by range.

geolocation osm

The new Maps module parameter - "Fit to items"

When using this option the map module will display the view that will cover all the items from DJ-Classifieds. For example - if your site has adverts from all over the world - the map will be zoomed out to the whole world, but if your website is limited to some smaller location range it will fit the zoom of the map to display all of the items from this area.

There's also another parameter in the maps module that works with the OSM - "Start address from geolocation" - when this is set the page where the map module is displayed will use geolocation to center the map where the user is. This is a good solution if you want to show the items close to the user.

Print view

Finally, you can enable Print view for the adverts. Even we live in the electronic world; some users need to have the printed version of the ad. Now you can easily enable this feature and let users put the advert details on the regular paper.

print view for ads

Enabling the feature is easy:

New control panel design

We have not changed the control panel for a while, and it needed some update. We have redesigned it with the new icons and overall design including the better indication for the current version and license key validation.

new panel

Filters logic added for custom fields

Custom fields are one of the most used features in DJ-Classifieds.

Having the option to use extra fields for different categories, makes DJ-Classifieds very powerful Joomla extension that is widely used not only as a classified ads solution but also for other purposes as job boards, directories, etc.

Before version 3.7.7 the search filters for custom fields when setting to checkboxes worked with OR operator. It means that when using the filters module and selecting the checkboxes, the results show results with all the items that contained any of the values.

Now there's a new option you can use:

filter logic

Now you can set this filtering logic by choosing OR or AND operator. When you set it to work as AND - only results meeting all the criteria will be displayed as a result of the search. Having an option to chose this behavior is a neat solution if you want to show the exact effects of the searches users perform.

The configuration of filter logic is very easy:

Batch processing in the backend

 Now you can batch-process the statuses (publish/unpublish) of:

  • categories
  • fields
  • promotions
  • durations

We have also added a possibility to delete payments on the payments list.


50 fixes

The new features are not all we have been working on. With this release, you will also find 50 fixes that were applied for DJ-Classifieds.

Visit the changelog to see the complete list of new features and fixes.

Now there are two demo sites for DJ-Classifieds:

The content of the blog post comes from the DJ-Extensions website: DJ-Classifieds 3.7.7 - full OpenStreetMap support, new control panel, other new features, and 50+ bug fixes

Active subscribers of the Joomla-Monster template, which uses DJ-Classifieds can download the latest version of the Joomla ads component.

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