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DJ-CarDealer is the best choice for a modern car ads portal - check what it offers!

The world of car enthusiasts is expanding, and people are increasingly comfortable with finding their dream cars through online platforms. Factors such as the digital revolution, geographical distances, and the widespread use of virtual communication have significantly contributed to the growth of the online car market.

Today, there are thousands of car portals available, and their numbers continue to increase. Building a car portal using Joomla CMS can be made easy with DJ-CarDealer: a classified ads quickstart website designed specifically for car enthusiasts.

DJ-CarDealer provides unparalleled flexibility and a wide range of design options, incorporating all the fantastic tools and features in a single package. This solution is built on the YOOtheme Pro web builder, offering a user-friendly drag and drop interface.

The key is to ensure that the website caters to the right audience and includes all the essential features that car enthusiasts require.

Creating a car portal may seem like a challenging endeavor, involving substantial development and design expenses. However, with DJ-CarDealer, YOOtheme Pro, and Joomla 4.x, you can launch a fully functional and cost-effective car portal today. DJ-CarDealer encompasses everything that the current market demands from a classified ads portal. Let's explore some of the crucial features with examples. Let's get started.

Car ads portal main layout elements

A car portal needs some essential elements. Let's explore them.


The homepage serves as a welcoming page, showcasing the key pages and features of the car portal. It should prominently display the brand logo, catchy slogans, captivating images of cars, and highlight the various features available to users.

The central section of the homepage should focus on the search function (more details below). Additionally, including buttons for user registration and login is highly recommended.


Appropriate categorization is crucial for a car portal. It enables users to select and organize their car advertisements effectively. Similar to our demo example, the adverts should be divided into major categories. However, this configuration can be customized as per specific requirements.

Featured listings

In addition to displaying the entire list of ads divided into categories, you can present them in different groups. These can be the most popular ads, the latest or recommended. Decide for yourself.


Satisfied website customers and positive comments, reviews and ratings that they will leave behind is a real magnet for new users. The testimonials section is not an inseparable part of the portal that wants to be popular. Take care of this element and the benefits will be measurable.


The blog section is a perfect place to inform about what is happening on the portal, as well as to present content related to the subject of the site. The thematic category cars is a very broad topic. Use the blog section to present attractively displayed content, taking care of the attention of website visitors and also having an impact on aspects such as website's SEO.

About us

The "About Us" page of a car portal should provide detailed information about the people behind the site, the purpose of its creation, the target audience, and what sets the portal apart from others. The primary objective of the "About Us" page is to establish trustworthiness, convey the site's unique selling points, ensure data security, and highlight the benefits of creating a profile and using the platform.

Contact us

The contact page allows users to report issues or seek assistance with their accounts. It should include relevant contact information through which users can reach the site administrator or support team.

Car portal main features

Let's explore the essential features that a modern car portal should possess. Here are some examples of features that can give you a competitive edge in the market.

To launch a professional car portal, it's recommended to install a ready-made solution designed specifically for this purpose and then customize it to suit your specific needs.

Here are the key features that your car portal is likely to require:

Registration and profile manage options

The ability for users to register and create profiles is crucial, as it allows for non-anonymous advertisements.

User profiles play a significant role in car portals. They serve as the foundation for algorithms to determine attractiveness and compatibility.

Important fields during profile registration include:

  • About
  • Contact
  • Email address
  • Location

User profiles

User profiles encompass more than just personal information. Some available options for user profiles include:

  • My Profile
  • Edit My Profile
  • My Bids
  • My Favorites
  • My Advertisements
  • Order History
  • Sales History
  • Payments
  • Points


Effective communication between users is essential. Including a "Contact this Seller" option allows users to send email messages to advertisers.


Search functionality is critical for a car portal. The primary goal of an online car portal is to help users find their desired cars. The portal should have the capability to perform various search functions, including:

  • Keyword search
  • Category-based search
  • Location-based search


A car portal can generate revenue for its owner. Here are some potential ways to monetize the platform:

  • Paid categories
  • Promoted advertisements
  • Featured listings
  • Paid ad duration
  • Additional image charges
  • Extra character charges
  • Various ad types

DJ-Classifieds Joomla classified ads extension, included in the DJ-CarDealer package, also allows user to pay in points.


Ensuring security is crucial for online portals, including car portals. Implementing basic security features can help safeguard users, such as:

  • Registration support for Captcha plugins to block bots during registration
  • Abuse report option
  • Administrator verification of profiles, with a special badge displayed on verified profiles and the option to add them to a special user group

Admin managing panel

The admin management panel is necessary to effectively manage the car portal. Key options typically include:

  • Member profile management
  • Reporting and analytics tools

The cost of creating a car ads portal

DJ-CarDealer quickstart website for Joomla 4.x you can get for €65 only ( 6 months subscription). Of course, you will need a domain and paid hosting to install it. The website, once installed, will be based on the Joomla 4.x CMS, which is free.

An additional cost is the purchase of the YOOtheme Pro web builder from the developer's website. Its price is €129 (1 year subscription.)

To sum up - in the amount of less than €200 you receive all the tools needed to launch a modern, functional car portal.


There are 2 possible ways of the installation.

  • Quickstart installation

The Quickstart is the demo backup (.zip copy) from the demo server. It comes with Joomla, and you install it like a regular Joomla backup made by Akeeba Backup; after that, you get the same effect on demo pages.
You do not need to configure everything from scratch; the installation is easy and will take a few minutes only.

  • Installation from scratch

You get a set of files that allows you to install a website based on the DJ-CarDealer template from scratch or install it on an existing website.

More about the installation you can learn from the installation guide.


DJ-CarDealer Classified Ads Joomla 4.x quickstart website is an exceptional solution suitable for both novice and experienced marketers and advertisers. Our solution offers a distinctive product with its user-friendly design and extensive range of features. Using classified ads in Joomla 4.x can be the perfect choice for your online car business, allowing you to showcase your products to a vast audience of monthly visitors.

With the template and YOOtheme Pro web builder, creating a well-designed and fully functional car portal can be a seamless process, even without coding knowledge.

Human interaction is essential, and a car portal provides an excellent platform for connecting buyers and sellers. If you have unique ideas or a niche target audience in mind, a car portal has the potential to surpass your expectations.

We believe that the solution we've outlined will assist you on your journey towards a successful car portal.

The blog post content comes from DJ-Extensions website:

Case study: DJ-CarDealer - Joomla car ads portal