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DJ-Business006 template for joomla 1.6 & 1.7 released!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Default template colour version Gray template version dj-business006-17-brown

The new version of DJ-Business006 template for joomla 1.6 was released yesterday. Since there is joomla 1.7 stable version available for download already, you can use that template with joomla 1.7 as well.
The new release includes 3 template colour versions to switch between them, but if the presented versions don't match your business leitmotif, you can use the .PSD slices to modify them and overwrite background images in the template's directory.

What is more, the template allows you to use 6 module suffixes to arrange your website in the way you most like. 
Look at the screenshots here to learn, which suffix names should be entered to the module parameter "Module Class Suffix" in the advanced options tab to achive the desired result.
Take a look also at the suffix of module height ( at the bottom of the article ). You may find that suffix very useful since the module's background can be controlled in this very simple way. For example, if you would like to display 3 modules at bottom position ( using default module design or secondbg suffix ) ,  it may occur that each of your modules has different height ( because of the coloured backgroud ) . 
The recipe to avoid handling with text adjustment etc. is as follows: enter height suffix to set the same height for your modules , example _mod350 ,where 350 means the height of 350 pixels.
Note, that the height suffix must be entered after the colour suffix to make it work correctly.
You can also set the same suffix for header module to control the height of the top part of the template layout.

I would like to call  RTL customers' attention to header position. Since it is the specific header image, that cannot be just horizontally rotated to show you the right view on demo, so we've created the header2 position for RTL option to display the header image in the proper way.