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Check the new release of DJ-Sport01 for Joomla 1.6 !

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

DJ-Sport dj-sport01-17 football hockey

Our new release of DJ-Sport01 template for Joomla 1.6 much differ from the old version.
The new template includes 2 additional design versions for 2 team sports: basketball and hockey.
Use the template version selector at the top of website templateversions to switch between designs. To use just one of the graphic design option, you have to navigate to the template parameters to disable the version selector and set the default template design. Please see here how it looks at the back-end.
If you would like to modify the template to use it for any other sport, it will be easy to do since the whole package ( I mean the package that you are allowed to download after the purchase ) includes PSD slices for each graphic part of the website. It gives you possibility to change the design colours ( e.g. modules' background, body background )  or  background images like balls or hockey puck.
This way you are able to create any other sport website with that template.
You will also find in "source" directory header.psd file that will help you to create your own pictures for header position. We encourae you to use it since the header image shape is specific and needs to be adjusted to the header design - the left bottom part of the image has to be erase to make that area transparent.

A few words about the template's positions, here you can check all available positions for that template. Note that customers who use RTL template option should place header module at "header2" position since the graphic design doesn't allow to place the same image as for LTR option since the background image for header area ( bottom shape ) is revesed for RTL.
Another important issue that relates to modules is suffixes usage, check here how to use the suffixes for that template.

More template features find here.