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Check 3 Joomla templates available 30% OFF this week.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Every Wednesday we prepare Hot Sale with prices of three picked templates reduced by 30% until next Wednesday.
Read about this week’s specials! 





This Joomla! 3.x and 2.5 responsive template is perfect if you want to create website for hotel, motel, hostel, hostal, inn, bed and breakfast, resort, boarding house, tourist house, country house or guesthouse. Do you have house, villa, mansion, residency, bungalow, cabin, rooms or apartments for rent? This is the solution for you.

Next to great design, JM-Hotel template supports DJ-Catalog2 extension which enables you to professionally and easily display all the items you want (rooms, attractions etc.). Additionally, you can use custom fields and create list of requirements such as number of guests, number of rooms, prices, parking, standard of the hotel/room and anything else. It’s the best way to help your customers smoothly find what they need and pick your holiday destination!

To show the beauty of your object, create galleries with DJ-MediaTools extension. Make a silder with the strongest points of your location and place it on the top of the website. Insert photos into articles – magnificent lake, mountains, forest – show it to the world easily and in the inviting way. Make your website attractive to prove customers that your location is the place to go. With our media component all of this is a piece of cake.

It’s important to know that if you need to have booking extension for Joomla! implemented, remember that there are no limitations to install and use such an extension with JM-Hotel template.

Of course you get commercial DJ-Catalog and DJ-MediaTools extensions included for FREE with this template.

But there is more of the JM-Hotel functionalities you should know about, such as EF3 Joomla framework, Boostrap and LESS support or effective duo of HTML5 and CSS3 that results in keeping the new HTML standards and stylization up to date.

Visit the JM-Hotel template, see screens, more details, video guides.

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It’s the Joomla! 2.5 template addressed specifically to travel agencies specialized in organizing water leisure, like sailing trips, boating, sailboat and catamaran tours, water parks, sunset cruises, water skies, scuba diving, freediving, snorkeling, windsurfing and kite surfing, wakesurfing, rafting, jet ski, kayaking or canoeing.

Do you organize tours, learning courses or gear rental? Maybe you are equipment vendor, personal trainer or a tour guide? JM-Cool-Waters will be a brilliant solution for your business.

To meet your needs we created special template with appropriate design and functionalities. The most important of them is DJ-Catalog2 extension, which offers amazing functionalities for water sports firms. It’s the best solution to present your products or services, such us boats, yachts, kayaks, water skis, boards, kites, swimming goggles, scuba gear, masks etc.

In DJ-Catalog2 you can set unlimited categories, products, field groups and images. Make your “water catalogue” as fitted to the customer’s needs as possible thanks to filter modules, additional information about items and related items module. What’s more, thanks to Flexible output functionality you can allow users to choose most convenient layout style of the listing!

As we all know, sport is a social activity that we gladly share with friends. Use DJ-Catalog2 to add social buttons where you want – let clients tell other water sports enthusiast on Facebook that your scuba diving equipment is the best or that your windsurfing lessons were just great. Let them comment using one of the available comments systems: Facebook, DISQS, JComments. 

Visit the JM-Cool-Waters template, see screens, more details, video guides.

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Meet Joomla 2.5 template crafted to build eyecatching website for education. It’s very good for presenting items such as educational materials (notebooks, textbooks, pencils etc.). It  can be also used to develop site for kindergarten, nursery school, preschool, primary school, sport or artistic activities for kids, children’s clubs, birthday parties organization and others.

Thanks to vivid colors JM-Teaching-Aids is sometimes used by owners of hotels in tropical countries! As you can see, it’s a multipurpose template, so take a look if it does fit your needs.

This template uses commercial DJ-Catalog2 extension (included for FREE). You can present your items as you want and enable clients to see the store stock, compare products and even make wish list! And that’s only few of the DJ-Catalog2 functionalities.

In JM-Teaching Aids you will also find other useful extensions, like DJ-Menu – MooTools, DJ-LikeBox – to quickly insert your Facebook Fan Box, and DJ-ImageSlider to display image slides with title and short description.

It’s colorful, light, positive template with 5 design module options. Great solution for educational purposes and other kid-related topics.

Visit the JM-Teaching-Aids template, see screens, more details, video guides.

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