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Common customers' questions about Joomla classifieds templates. For beginners.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

We keep getting more or less advanced questions about classifieds Joomla templates but in this article, I want to present a set of questions asked by customers who are beginners and do not know Joomla much.

Looking for a classifieds solution that works for autos, real estate, boats, jobs, etc.

With our classifieds Joomla templates and extensions, you may create a classifieds website that offers products from different categories. No limitation to allow offering cars, boats, and clothes for children at one website - thanks to the classifieds software flexibility.

We offer many ready to use classifieds Joomla templates - here you may see 20 demo sites to select from.
Let me know which one you like best and ask questions, we will be happy to assist you.

Is it a product buying or just subscription for a particular period of time? Do we have access to the code?

After purchasing the Joomla template you will get all the files (template and extensions and demo copy) and you may modify them if needed. 

The subscription means that you will have the access to the download area for 6 months (you may extend to 1 year). After this time you may renew the subscription with up to 60% discount or not, it's up to you.

We DO NOT block the template or extensions functionality after the subscription expiration. You may use as long the purchased product as you wish. In other words, Joomla classifieds template and extensions can still be used after the subscription expiration but the latest updates won't be available until you renew the subscription.

Could you please let me know the technical challenges? I don't have much knowledge on programming. Is it easy to customize the UI? Will your team support on this?

Do not have to have programming skills to use Joomla classifieds template and classifieds software. 
Tons of settings can be modified at the backend and we also have many tutorials and a wide documentation for dj-classifieds component.

Also if any problems you may contact our support team to get help.

How easy is to deploy it on a server? Will your team help us with this?

You may follow the tutorials on how to install a quickstart - watch the video.
And we offer the free installation service - so our team installs a demo copy of your classifieds Joomla template it on your server.

How about the size optimization: Will the code do auto optimization in image quality and file size?

Yes, here you may take a look at general settings for the dj-classifieds component.
Check sections for Images - where among of others you may specify images quality and SEO settings.

Want to start a general classifieds business but don't know where to begin.

You need to have:
1. Hosting compatible with Joomla technical requirements. Hosting can be added to the cart together with the Joomla template.
2. Domain
3. Flexible classifieds software that allows building general classifieds website

I get lost when talking about hosting, extensions, add-ons, etc

The classifieds Joomla template price includes extensions, template, demo copy, and support. It's enough to launch the classifieds website.

We also offer many add-ons for classifieds software but you may consider them later, just after you get more familiar with your website.

Any guidance on where and how to start is appreciated.

I suggest starting with browsing classifieds demo sites and choosing the design you like best. Please note that each classifieds demo site uses the same classifieds software - dj-classifieds, and demo sites may differ with the configuration only that can be changed at each demo.

I'm deciding between GoDaddy and your hosting. What's the benefit of using yours?

Here you may check our Joomla hosting offer - this is the company we cooperate with, we trust them and have good support.

You may compare with Godaddy's hosting plans, If you choose Godaddy, it's not a problem, if your hosting plan will be enough to run Joomla and classifieds website, then it also would be ok.

Please confirm what things can be changed to classifieds Joomla template and what can't be changed.

It's hard to say that because it depends on what you what to change, I mean there are hundreds of things to change in the template, extensions, modules etc.
Each demo site item has its own settings that can be modified, we have over 100 tutorials and a wide documentation for dj-classifieds component and Joomla template so it's impossible to say what can be changed in a short message.

The good example can be all demos for dj classifieds - they differ a lot with settings differently configured for each.
Ask me the specific question what you want to change, it will be easier to answer.

Would you like to know something more to get started with your classifieds website? Simply ask us, we will be happy to assist you.