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Imagine you created the best school website that students and teachers love! (Joomla CMS, good school website, WCAG compliance)

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

What elements should the best school website include? The interesting content, visual appeal, be informative and show activities at the school. Creating an interactive online school presence doesn’t have to be complicated. To make it with ease its worth using Joomla templates, that were designed for the education category. Below you can find more information about key elements of user-friendly school website that are included in our school Joomla templates.

The school offer presentation

school offer presentation Joomla

Presenting the services of the school in a clear and engaging way is the very important thing. It’s a great way to show website’s visitors what interesting programs school is offering. Each service mentioned can have a linked title, description and the icon (font awesome or glyphicon). It’s all possible thanks to a JM Additional Features free Joomla module. It’s a simple module purposed for displaying product features or company services. It also allows adding a read more button if needed.

Based on flexible Joomla framework EF4

best Joomla template framework

You can modify the template color, background color, font sizes, headlines with ease, without touching the code. It’s possible thanks to theme customizer tool - one of many features of EF4 powerful Joomla Framework.

School events presentation

joomla event calendar

Thanks to DJ-Events - easy to use free events calendar Joomla extension you may display events listing divided by weeks, or display a calendar where you can find all defined events.

Coloured boxes to attract visitors attention

colorured boxes joomla

The most significant website sections can be presented in colorful and eye-catching, and link-able boxes. Using the right colors must help to catch the attention of the site visitors.

Tons of news divided into tabs

news tabs joomla

The school website is the place where people want to get the information. Tabs are a trendy way of presenting content, especially when it comes to the latest news. Using the Joomla tabs component gives you the choice between presenting content in tabs or in an accordion layout. Content can come from the single article, article category or modules. Including information, along with an image and a read more link is recommended as the solution for modern websites.

Useful contact boxes

contact icons joomla

Including a contact information on the website is a critical task. To make it readable and clear you should consider using a module where you can show your email, phone number or address. An additional element like graphics is also recommended. You can do it easily using the JM Additional Features free Joomla module - mentioned already above.

Teaching staff profiles

teachers stuff profiles joomla module

Another essential part of the school website is the presentation of the school stuff. The school is a hub for students, teachers, parents, so it’s good to include the staff/administration or teachers profiles somewhere on the website.

Access to a list of a teacher, or managers can be essential for open parent communication and relationship-building. Their profiles may include a name, position, photo image and some contact details. To make it easier you can use the JM Team Profiles free Joomla module that allows displaying an unlimited number of teachers’ profiles along with all the data.

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Ready to use banners

Show off beautiful banners including images and text buttons. The banner can be a great tool when to comes to arouse interest. Banners can inform, notify about a new product, increase brand awareness and more. Consider using them for information like “Coming soon,” “discount” or similar.

free school banner

Here you may download more free banners, also available for education-related website.

News section

news joomla module

The news is a vital part of every school and other education websites. Presenting latest news in a clean way can be done with the help of the JM Intro Articles free Joomla module that displays a list of articles from a category. 

Ready-made custom code

You can use the ready-made custom codes to show off conspicuous information only or call to action buttons like: “Join us” “Learn more” etc.

Students area

Another essential task for the good school website is to include a “students area” - site section where students can find everything that matters to them.

school students area joomla

Take a look at some examples of content can be shown there:

  • Lesson program - a calendar or a schedule with the list of activities for each day
  • The list of services/courses/activities
  • Other information - rules, prices, etc.
  • Videos
  • Images (gallery)
  • List of teachers

WCAG ready Joomla template

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 is a stable, referenceable technical standard that covers a range of recommendations for making Web content more accessible. WCAG is currently some guide for web design. Customizing a website to meet the needs of users with disabilities can be difficult. That’s why it is recommended to use solutions like WCAG ready Joomla templates that will allow you to launch an accessible website. Our education Joomla templates work great in this case.

wcag school website joomla

If you prefer a WordPress instead of Joomla, that is not a problem. In our collection of themes, you can find a PE School - universal education WordPress theme that also looks great and gives you the same possibilities as our Joomla templates.

How to use keyboard shortcuts with an accessible template (WCAG/Section508)?

Make a successful accessible website with WCAG 2.0 and Section508 compliant Joomla template.