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11 classifieds Joomla templates updated including DJ-Classifieds 3.7.3 with GDPR compliance

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

We have just released a very important update from the point of view of the changes that have occurred in the regulations on privacy policies. All our classifieds Joomla templates are now compatible with the DJ-Classifieds 3.7.3 Joomla classifieds extension which brings GDPR compliance to Joomla websites. Let's take a look at some most important features.


What's new in DJ-Classifieds 3.7.3?

GDPR compliance

DJ-Classifieds allows displaying new checkboxes with the privacy policy and data protection agreement. The privacy policy you can link to an article while the data protection agreement you can provide in the textarea field or by overriding the language constant COM_DJCLASSIFIEDS_GDPR_AGREEMENT_LABEL.

Classifieds template update

The new checkboxes are displayed in few places:

Add item view

Classifieds template update

User registration

Classifieds template update

Payment details

Classifieds template update

Ask seller form

Classifieds template update


New view to display user profiles

DJ-Classifieds has a new view that allows displaying a list of user profiles. In addition, there is a new search module for searching within user profiles.

Classifieds template update


Show archived ads

Another interesting feature is the ability to display archived ads on the blog/table list and search. The archived ads can be distinguished by an additional icon usually displayed next to the title.

Classifieds template update


Add to favorites in DJ-Classifieds Items

Earlier, adding an ad to favorites was possible only from the ad view or table/blog list. Now, it is also possible to add ads to favorites in the DJ-Classifieds Items module.

Classifieds template update


Account type in user registration

There is a possibility to select custom fields groups to display in the user registration view.

Classifieds template update

After selecting the account type during registration, the additional custom fields from the group will be displayed.

Classifieds template update


Possibility to follow user adverts

Another new feature is the possibility to follow ads of a chosen advertiser. A user can follow an advertiser by clicking the "follow this advertiser" button in the advertiser profile. This feature requires the Search App for DJ-Classifieds and it works the same as the rest of the alerts available in the app.


Other features in DJ-Classifieds

There are many other interesting features in the latest release of DJ-Classifieds extension. The full list of changes you can see in the DJ-Classifieds changelog.

See the full list of changes in the DJ-Classifieds 3.7.3 changelog


A new version of DJ-MegaMenu

We have also updated the DJ-MegaMenu module to the latest version. It comes with a new setting for the mobile menu that allows displaying the hamburger icon with text or text only.

Classifieds template update


DJ-Suggester Light included

We have also included to all classifieds templates a new extension called DJ-Suggester Light. This extension allows displaying a box with suggested content from the currently viewed component. The light version allows to display suggestions for the content component (articles) but you can also buy the DJ-Suggester pro version to display suggested ads on the ads pages!

Classifieds template update


Other fixes and improvements

We have also added other fixes and improvement in this update. You can see a complete list of all change in the templates' changelog.

See the full list of changes in the templates' changelogs


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