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DJ-Tabs 2.1.1 update brings few improvements

| Andrzej Herzberg | Blog

DJ-Tabs Joomla 4 tabs extension has been updated to version 2.1.1. We've implemented a few changes, including improvements and amendments. 

What changes does the update bring?

In the previous 2.1 release, the new "Custom Text/HTML" item type was introduced. This update adds additional improvement to it - supporting shortcodes for the content plugins you are using.

We have also fixed some issues that the users found. 

See the image below for an example of a Joomla shortcode:

dj tabs 2.1.1 custom html

What is DJ-Tabs?

It's the Joomla 4 extension, that allows you to create content tabs and use them in different places on the web page, such as module position, inside articles, or as menu items.  Check the new DJ-Tabs Demo to show the possibilities and possible configurations it offers.

Learn more about DJ-Tabs

Check the DJ-Tabs Demo

You should take a look at the DJ-Tabs demo site, which shows different configurations possible to achieve along with the DJ-Tabs component.

Use the built-in theme selector to see how the particular layouts will look like with different built-in themes (available with DJ-Tabs extension.) You can also create your own themes and modify existing ones to fit your website.

Explore DJ-Tabs demo page

Don't forget to update your DJ-Tabs extension. The update is available via the updater and you can also download the package directly from the download section.

The content of the blog post comes from the DJ-Extensions website: DJ-Tabs extension updated to ver. 2.1.1   

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