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DJ-Classifieds 3.8 Beta release - new features and improvements.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Blog

The latest Beta version of DJ-Classifieds, Joomla classified ads extension, brings many new features, fixes, and improvements.

Please note that this is a BETA version, so besides it is not intended to be used on production sites (do not update it on the live site, please check it in your staging environment or website copy) it can have bugs (this is why the beta version is released to find as much as possible of them). So if any of the features mentioned here does not work well or you have noticed any issues, please let us know or write a comment below.
The stable version will be released within a few weeks (2-3) as we gather feedback about the beta version.

New features

Conditional fields plugin (free App)

The conditional fields feature was already introduced in the DJ-Classifieds Beta version.

We then released this beta version, among other things, so that users could test this new feature and share their impressions and comments with us. Now we go a step further and publish an independent application (plugin): “DJ-Classifieds - Conditional Fields” app that requires a separate installation. Using the app allows you to manage and use the conditional field feature

The conditional fields App Beta version is free to download for all active DJ-Classifieds extension subscribers.

The plugin does not bring any extra settings. It is required to enable, and as a result, the new tab "Conditional fields" in the custom field settings will appear.

New conditional fields option

Conditional fields work simply. During the custom field edition, you can decide and set a dependency when that field is displayed. After the successful configuration, you can expect the custom field (you created) to show only if a specific condition is met in another custom field.

 How to use conditional fields in DJ-Classifieds?

Recurring payments option for Subscription Plans App

The subscription plans App brings a brand new "Recurring payments" feature. Now each new subscription plan can be set a "Recurring".

Recurring payment for such a plan will be performed every X days, defined by the standard "Expiration time" parameter (available in the "Params" tab).

This new feature works for two DJ-Classifieds payment plugins (each plugin works a bit differently.)

  • PayPal
  • DotPay

The Subscription Plans App has the option of allowing to cancel the recurring payment.

recurring option subplans app

 How to use the recurring payments option?

 The Subscription Plans Beta version is free to download for all active DJ-Classifieds extension subscribers.

 The DotPay payment plugin (polish) Beta version is free to download for all active DJ-Classifieds extension subscribers.

Field groups support in all custom field types

Field groups are a handy DJ-Classifieds feature, giving the possibility to assign an unlimited number of custom fields to a chosen group.

Now we've extended the field groups' functionality. This feature works now with all custom field types, including:

  • Category,
  • Contact,
  • Profile,
  • and the Ask Seller Form.

group fields new options

Learn more about Field groups and extra fields

See how the field groups in DJ-Classifieds work

Improved AJAX App

The configuration panel for AJAX App was refreshed and redesigned. App settings are now divided into four tabs.

ajax app settings

We've added the new setting: Enable On Mobiles. You can now select whether the AJAX functionality needs to be enabled on mobile devices.

Another new setting is the "On Search" option. You can enable dynamic AJAX calls when using the Search module.

See how to configure and use Ajax App

The Ajax App Beta version is free to download for all active DJ-Classifieds extension subscribers.

More layouts added for images management

DJ-Classifieds users can manage and use various thumbnail sizes in different views.

We've added a few new views to the list. See the example with all available views for the small image usage (the same views are available for the medium and big image settings).

use small image in

How to manage image sizes in DJ-Classifieds

Upcoming changes

In the upcoming 3.8 version stable, in addition to the mentioned new features and improvements, we will also update:

  • Acymailing plugin
  • uddeIM plugin
  • Przelewy24 payment plugin
  • Shipping plugin
  • Yandex Maps plugin

The content of the blog post comes from the DJ-Extensions website: DJ-Classifieds 3.8 Beta release introduces an impressive number of improvements!

You can report the feedback at our community forum.

We do not recommend installing this version on production websites. The best way to test it is by using the clean Joomla installation or making a copy of your website for testing.

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