See what people ask about JM Doctor - multipurpose services template.

See what people ask about JM Doctor multipurpose services template.

 We keep getting questions about JM Doctor template. Check most popular ones.


See what people ask about JM JoomClassifieds template.

See what people ask about JM JoomClassifieds template.

 We keep getting questions about JM JoomClassifieds template. Check most popular ones.


How to change Joomla 3 & 2.5 template name?

How to change Joomla 3 & 2.5 template name?

All our templates have their own unique names. After installing Joomla template, its name appears in the list of templates in the Template Manager. It is also visible in the source files of website. In this article, we will describe how you can change template name, since this may be not an easy task for beginner users of Joomla.


How to check responsive template on mobile device?


Customers often check demo site of templates they would like to buy on their mobile device.

Sometmes they are confused since it  occure that the template that is marked as optimized for mobile devices does not appear correctly - I mean like being not responsive what is not true.


EF3 - problem after updating Joomla to 3.1.4 solved.

After updating Joomla to 3.1.4 version your site may give 500 error or display the following error message that relates to EF3 Framework plugin for Joomla 3.x


How to easily modify PSD slices?

How to easily modify PSD slices?

A few years ago, the background effects such as gradients, rounded corners, shapes and shadows were able to do with images cut from PSD project only. We had to create a pyramid of code to achieve desired result in the template.
Nowadays, with the help of CSS3 styles, we can achieve the same result as well as optimize the template code and in a result simplify the work.


How to add a web analytics tracking code into the Joomla template?

How to add a tracking code into the  section?

It is important for webmasters or site owner to have a tool for tracking website visitors.
The most popular tool for generating detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources is Google Analytics.
To be able to take advantage of its features, you need to download a javascript code which needs to be entered into the <head> section of your website.


Joomla-Monster footer link can be removed for free.

Our customers often ask us if they are allowed to remove Joomla-Monster link from a footer area of the template. Some of customers think that they must pay for the permission to remove the copyright information from the footer, on the other hand some of customers think that they purchased the permission with the template.


How to modify LESS and CSS files in Joomla 3.x template?

How to modify LESS and CSS files in Joomla 3.0 template?

Modification CSS styles in Joomla 3.x templates differs significantly comparing to Joomla 2.5 templates
The basic difference is that Joomla 3.x templates use the LESS language stylesheets from which the CSS files are compiled.
In other words, if you would like to change the template styles, you will have to modify the LESS instead of the CSS files.
From this article you will find out on how to modify LESS within the Joomla-Monster template.


How to use Google Web Fonts in a template.

Google Web Fonts - how to use

Starting with JM-HCT-Pharmacy template we started to build our templates on new frameworks with extended functionality.
JM-HCT-Pharmacy is based on HCT framework that provides multiple parameters on the Template Manager including the great feature - creating your own template color version without touching css code.
Another templates listed here use similar framework (not as much advanced as HCT framework) but still full of useful and powerful tools that you can manage at the template back end. 

The feature I would like to describe is included in Font Settings configuration tab, where you can modify the font option if you do not like the one that is used on a demo site of a particular template.
Let's take for example JM-Royal-Beauty-Salon template, addressed for beauty salon.


How to replace favicon on my website?

If you are not sure where to upload the favicon.ico file to replace the default joomla favicon, try to find the current file's location.
Run your website and then press the right mouse button to select "View source" from the list of options.
Then let's find the "favicon" word using CTRL+F5 keyboard shortcut to check the file's location.


How to make the website RTL compatibile?

Our stock of joomla templates that include RTL option is still increasing, here you can check all our offers.
To force these templates use with RTL option, which actually means that the template will use RTL css styles , it's just enough to install your language for joomla and set it as a default one. That's all you need to do :)


Why my website doesn't work in IE9?

The most common problem, that is the reason of the mess on your website in IE9,  may be the way you create your articles or custom content.
Do you use Word for fromatting the text you want to introduce on your website?


Why cufon fonts don't work in IE9?

If you use cufon fonts on your website remember to update cufon-yui.js file that your template use to display cufon fonts correctly in IE9 browser.


How to change cufon font?

Some templates use Cufón, the Javascript-based font replacement,  for instance: DJ-Insurance - in the topmenu and titles or JM-Constructions - topmenu and titles.
To change the font style you need to learn some details - how to generate script or a way of implementing the code.


How can I change logo?

In the old templates, especially the old templates for joomla 1.5 the logo is placed in the template's directory.
To change logo in that template, navigate to template's directory templates/your-template-name/images/ and find image file named as logo e.g. logo.png
Then replace it with your image.

Another info about logo replacement you can find in the "Template Features" article under "Template Parameters" title, for example JM-Fashion-Catalog
Navigate Extensions->Template Manager and click on the proper template name to enter/select the logo file location.


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