Unique smell of the fresh air space, sense of the freedom and powerfull energy - simply miraculous experience for everybody who is hungry for adventure. The original design that gives allows to configure a template layout and style in many ways taking into account all colorful module suffixes, animated buttons with css3 and all template parameters.

Template compatibility:
  • Joomla 2.5
Template Version:
Included Extensions:
  • DJ-Catalog2
  • DJ-ImageSlider
  • DJ-Menu - MooTools
Live Demo:
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setting on template configuration
Detailed layout options:
  • layout options setting on template configuration
Other features:
  • Collapsible module positions
  • W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid.
  • Lightweight, modern and very fast-loading design.
  • Well-commented css style files
Module suffixes:
Template parameters:
Available sources:
  • .PSD slices
  • demo copy - quickstart file
  • extensions used on demo site
Cross browser support:
  • IE7+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Chrome 8+, Opera 9+ and other Standards-Supporting Browsers.
Detailed options:
  • 1 template color version
  • 4 design module options
  • font name selector
  • font sizer
  • font size selector
  • logo replacable at the template configuration
  • RTL option
Demo Copy installation guide:

Video Guide

Video guide:

Video Guide


Included Extensions:
  • DJ-Catalog2
  • DJ-ImageSlider
  • DJ-Menu - MooTools
Download our extensions here

Pay for the template only, get also commercial extensions!

DJ-Catalog2 component and modules:

Commercial Joomla Extensions
Commercial Joomla Extensions

After purchasing the template you will be automatically subscribed
to our site of DJ-Catalog2 commercial extension.
You will get it for free with this template!

It means that the account that you created on Joomla-Monster
will be also created on DJ-Extensions.com

To get the extension license login in to your account at DJ-Extensions.com 
and navigate My Account -> My Licenses.

Commercial Joomla Extensions

The template's price includes the cost of 1 month support and upgrade plan for those extensions.
It's time to let you download updates for this extension.
If the extension meets your needs, you can extend the support and upgrade plan to 1 year subscription.

NOTE: DJ-Catalog2 will still work after the subscription plan expired. Do not have to pay for it to use on your site.

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