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news Joomla portal


JM-News-Portal is a responsive template which supports Joomla 2.5 and 3.x
It's perfect for any news and magazine portal. Like all top breaking news portals it has many module positions which can be used to present fresh news, picture galleries etc.
Great advantage of this template is that it includes DJ-Classifieds extension, powerfull platform for classified ads section. Thanks to many additional modules that work with DJ-Classifieds you can display latest and promoted ads or map with marked locations of items for sale.

The template is based on EF3 framework, solution that allows site administrator to configure many parameters of site layout. Since EF3 supports google analytics you'll be able to enter Google Analytics Code without editing template code.

TIP: How to add a web analytics tracking code into the Joomla template?

If you run site with local news, city portal, newspaper site or any other site with large amount of fresh content JM-News-Portal template is for you. It's also suitable for website with classifieds.

NOTE: DJ-Classifieds is included for FREE with this template.

Copy of demo site - quickstart is included in the package. You can use it as a base and edit content or it can be used as a manual.

TIP: Use the quickstart package as a manual.

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medical Joomla template


JM-HCT-Pharmacy is clean, minimalistic template for Joomla 2.5. We suggest to use this template for website about pharmacy, cosmetics, drugstore, clinic or hospital. It's based on HCT framework. HCT is abbreviation for Highly Customizable Template and this name is not an overstatement. You can controll colors, layout scheme and set various styles for particular template elements.

JM-HCT-Pharmacy template includes commercial DJ-Catalog22 component. This is a very useful tool for product catalog. It allows to create product parameters which can be used to search and filter products.
Other features of this extension are:

  • unlimited categries, producers and products
  • many additional modules
  • related products
  • frontend management
  • social buttons
  • flexible output

NOTE: DJ-Catalog2 is included for FREE with this template.

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wine Joomla template


DJ-Winery for Joomla 2.5 is an elegant template designed for exclusive winery, wine retailer, sommelier, wine expert or just enthusiast of wine.
This template includes DJ-Catalog2. You can use it to present wines or tasting notes in unlimited categories. Use extra fields to create such parameters as appearance, in glass, in mouth.

Note: DJ-Catalog2 is included for FREE with this template.

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