Is the purchased template for life or a period of time?

The purchased template is for life. 
You are allowed to use a purchased template as long as you wish, no matter if your subscription expired or not.

What does the subscription mean?

After purchasing the template you will be subscribed for it.
It means that during the subscription duration you will get the access to download area to get packages, updates and support as well.
The subscription duration depends on the plan you choose.
Note that you can use purchased template even after the subscription period will expire. 

What's included in the single subscription plan?

 There are many items included in the plan.

  • a template installation pack
  • a demo site copy - quickstart
  • PSD source
  • extensions used on demo site (including commercial extensions)
  • 6 months subscription plan - access to downloads, updates, support
  • free copyright removal 

Where can I download the template?

If your payment was successfully verified by 2checkout you will get the information about the downlaod area. Must login to your account and then navigate My Account -> Downlaods.

I paid for the template but did not get the download link, how long I have to wait?

After transfering the money, 2checkout needs time to verify your payment.
Usualy the verification takes few minutes but sometimes it may take up to 24 hours - to eliminate the risk of fraud.

Is is ture that if I buy the template I will get commercial extensions?

Yes. Check the template description first to learn if it supports commercial extensions.

Will I be charged for commercial extensions that the template uses?

No. If a template that you want to buy supports any of our commercial extensions, you will get the extension after purchasing the template.
The template price includes the commercial extension.
After successfull payment process you will get important information about the access on our extensions site dj-extensions.com - read them carefully.
During 1 month login to your account to download packages. 

Are commercial extensions used in the template free to use or after a certain period of time they ask me to pay?

You are allowed to use commercial extensions that you purchased with the template for life.
But if you need to get any updates or register the domain on dj-extensions.com you will need to have valid license key for the extension - then you may buy the extension on our extensions site dj-extensions.com 

I get the notice 'Invalid license', what should I do?

After a template purchasing you also received 1 month subscription for the commercial extension that your template supports.
During this time you can download extension package to install or update as well as get your license key to enter.

If your subscription expired do not worry, you can still use the extension.
But if you need to have the valid license you can upgrade plan to 1 year subscription on our extensions site dj-extensions.com

Can I install and use other extensions with your template?

 Of course. There are no limitations to use any other extensions with our tempaltes. 

I want to download files but my subscription for the template expired. What can I do?

You can renew the subscription for the template with 40% discount coupon.
Contact us and provide your previous order number to get the coupon.

Can I get trial version of a commercial template?

We do not provide trial versions of our commercial templates.
We suggest checking one of our free templates, the rule of usage is similar.

Do you provide the demo site copy?

Yes. Install Quickstart to get the exact copy of a demo site of purchased template.

How can I get the invoice?

If the confirmation of purchase from 2checkout is not sufficient for you, provide us your company details - login to your account and fill in the billing information in your profile. We send an invoice within 7 days after the purchase.

Can I get a discount to buy the template?

Yes. Check all promotions that we offer and choose the most profitable you.

Can I get refund for the purchased template?

If you downloaded the tempalte that you paid for we will not refund.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Credit Card and Paypal payments with 2CO.

Can I use the same template on subdomain?

Yes, provided that the subdomain is themetically related to the main domain.
No, if you have separate subdomains of different companies that do not relate each other.

Why you add tax amount to the price?

Prices are quoted in US dollars and does not include the VAT. According to EU law EU customers who do not own EU Vat number will be charged VAT amount applicable in customer's country (European Union) of residence.

Got a message VAT number you have provided could not be verified as valid European VAT ID in your country. What should I do?

VAT numbers you provide on registration page are validated by VIES VAT number validation. The temporary overloading may occur from time to time since many comapnies use the same validator. Please wait a while then try again the purchase process.

One template can be used in one web site? what if I move to other domain name?

One purchased template can be used on one domain. If you move your site to other domain and the old site will not exist on the previous domain then it's according to our rules. Customers often ask if they may build their site on test server and then move to the real domain, of course it's acceptable.