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What's included?
Template version1.01 changelog
Based on framework
Other 3rd party extensionsPlease note that template price includes theme for J2Store component.
The demo copy - quickstart includes J2Store free version. None of commercial modules or plugins included.
If you need to use the commercial J2Store Pro version and plugins, you need to buy J2Store separately.
Buy J2Store Pro version with 30% discount! Get the discount at your account in Extras area.

Please note that template price includes css styles for AcyMailing newsletter component.
The demo copy - quickstart includes AcyMailing free version. None of commercial modules or plugins included.
If you need to use the commercial AcyMailing Pro version and plugins, you need to buy AcyMailing separately.
Buy AcyMailing Pro version with 30% discount! Get the discount at your account in Extras area.
What you get?
  • demo copy - quickstart package
  • extensions used on demo site
  • template package
  • framework package
  • manual
  • .PSD design
  • product is available to download in .ZIP package
Additional info
  • well documented
  • immediatelly after payment confirmation instructions on how to download purchased products will be sent to your email address
  • latest Joomla! version is required
  • installation and set up instructions you'll find in the documentation
  • the template is supported
  • extensions are supported
  • check more details here.

Create a successful online store that sells and You make a real profit. JM Lux online store J2Store Joomla template displays as an example furniture store website with home-related products.

The Joomla e-commerce solution is based on the excellent and super user-friendly J2Store store component that is a complex shopping cart add-on for Joomla that you may use to sell whatever you need.

Moreover, we've used several free Joomla modules created by Joomla-Monster like simple tabs, testimonials or intro articles and combine them into frontpage design with J2Store modules to get the engaging and visitor catching home page. 

Take a look at two demo versions of this J2Store Joomla template; they differ a little bit in the visual appearance on its homepage displaying various modules and all of them are available to use on both demo sites that you will get with the single template license.

The J2Store template design is very modern and eye-catching. All template layouts are responsive and they work perfectly on all devices, from large monitors to small smartphones.

J2Store Joomla template

100% responsive J2Store Joomla template

It's 100% responsive & mobile friendly Joomla template. This J2Store Joomla template is tested for mobile devices and adjusted to all screen views to allow users browse products easily. Ecommerce themes are fully responsive which makes them user-friendly for using on phones or tablets.

User-friendly customer account bar

Next to the main menu, You will find a user panel that contains shortcuts to the most important parts of the online store from the customer's point of view. The registration and login links are visible to guests only. The registered users will see a link to the user’s profile where details of orders or addresses can be found.

The wishlist view displays the desired products stored by a user.  The comparison view lists multiple products to compare their features. The user panel also consists of the cart module with quick access to currently added products and the animated search module to quickly reach the products users are looking for.

store account features joomla template

joomla galleries

Beautiful galleries

In the header section, we have displayed a beautiful image slider using the DJ-MediaTools extension. In our example, we have created two slides linked to the category pages, but you can create as many slides as you need. Each slide may use a different image, title, text and can be linked to any page.

What is more, you can choose from 10 available layouts for the module like slideshow, tabber, gallery or masonry grid. The gallery extension allows creating slides automatically taking the articles or products as a source.

Most wanted products

The categories section which is displayed below the header slider is another example of the DJ-MediaTools extension. In this module, we created a showcase of popular categories with some short description and button linked to a given category.

Of course, you do not have to stick with our example, if you have your own idea how to arrange this and other modules, feel free to change it to your needs. As you can see, the possibilities of the DJ-MediaTools extension are endless.

popular categories ecommerce Joomla template

Tabs for displaying most popular categories

In the Products section, you can present some example products from popular categories in your online store. We have displayed four J2Store Product Display modules here and each of them shows products from a different category. All these modules we have put into separate tabs using the JM Simple Tabs module. The tab icons can be replaced by any image or any Font Awesome icon. Underneath you can display, for example, a button linked to a category page


tabs popular products ecommerce theme for Joomla

Based on flexible Joomla framework EF4

You may adjust the template to your needs without touching the code! EF4 powerful Joomla Framework give you many helpful features from modifying the template colors to adjusting template layout to desktop and mobile devices.

tabs bestseller joomla ecommerce

Bestsellers, Must have or New products

This is another example of displaying few J2Store Product Display modules inside tabs using the JM Simple Tabs module.

This time we have displayed Popular, Bestseller, New and Must Have products. This is possible because the J2Store Product Display module has plenty of options that allow you to display the products you actually need.

Blog on store website is a good idea

The Recent Blog Posts section is displayed using the JM Intro Articles module. We have set the module to show recent articles, but you may also display featured, popular, random or articles from the specified categories and authors.

The module has an automatic thumbnail creation so you can be calm about the overall page size and its performance on the mobile devices. The articles can be displayed using a carousel or statically.

recent blog posts Joomla free module

Featured product

The featured section is displayed using the JM Additional Features module. The module allows you to put a title, description and a button which you may link to any page on your website. The background image you can change in the template parameters. Of course, you can also disable the background image and just display any background color for the whole section. What is more, you can assign a different background image or color for the same section on different pages by duplicating the template style.


featured product info joomla online store template

Opinions of your satisfied customers

In the testimonials section, you can present opinions of your satisfied customers. JM Testimonials module allows displaying the name of the testimonial author, their avatar, subtitle or profession and the content of the testimonial.

The background image for the whole section or background color instead can be easily changed in the template parameters.

joomla testimonials module

j2store joomla ecommerce template

Easy to use ecommerce component for Joomla

J2Store is a simple and flexible ecommerce solution which is running behind the template. It integrates with Joomla beautifully. All products are based on Joomla articles, so adding new ones is as easy as creating new articles for your blog.

It is packed with tons of powerful features which you may find useful for running your ecommerce website like shopping cart, wishlist, product search, product comparison, the wide range of payment methods and translation packs. 

The core version of the component is completely free! When your online store will become more profitable you may consider purchasing a PRO version and choose from a great selection of paid plugins for more extended functionality.

Our customers appreciate our support

quotes from our ticket system

What's included in the template price?

General info about this template

Technical data

  • blog
  • product directory
  • rating & reviews
  • services presentation
  • shopping cart
  • sliders & galleries
  • admin template customization panel
  • content managment
  • responsive layout - adapts to any screen size
  • layout builder
  • unlimited template color versions
  • code injection
  • back to top button
  • font size switcher
  • logo uploader & site description
  • favicon uploader
  • sticky topbar
  • hide component
  • extended typography
  • enable/disable responsive layout
  • enable/disable facebook open graph
  • store & upload your settings
Layout builder
  • create different layouts for desktops/tablets/mobiles
  • customize the template layout to suit your needs
  • assign layout to menu items
Color modifications
  • front-end theme customizer
  • back-end color modifications
Font settings
  • web safe fonts
  • google web fonts
  • web fonts uploader
  • glyphicons
  • font awesome
  • font size setting
  • font color setting
Template widthdefault width 1170px, boxed or fluid, pixels or percent, configurable at template parameters
Module positions51+
Module designs1 default module + 3 additional module designs, 2 additional DJ-MediaTools module designs, 1 additional search module design, 1 additional module suffix for JM Intro Articles, 2 additional module suffixes for JM Simple Tabs, 2 additional module suffixes for JM Additional Features
Web formslogin form, user registration, contact form, search form, j2store user edit address, post review form
Custom pagescustom 404, coming soon

Performance & Optimization

Performance & validation reportslightweight and very fast-loading design, get more visitors to your site thanks to SEO optimized code, high gtmetrix speed score - enter the demo url to check results, high page speed results, this template is mobile-friendly
  • compress HTML
  • compress & combine CSS
  • compress & combine JS
  • lazy loading
  • defer JS
  • skip files from optimization
  • DJ-MediaTools mobile image optimization
  • DJ-MediaTools lossless image compression
  • DJ-MediaTools defer JS
  • DJ-MediaTools lazy load
  • DJ-MegaMenu defer JS

Compatibility & Requirements

Web standards
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap 2.3.2
  • LESS
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • source maps
  • semantic code
  • 1170 grid
Crossbrowser compatibility
  • IE11
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
Mobile compatibility
  • iOS Safari
  • Android Browser
  • Chrome for Android
Hosting requirements

Translation info

Joomla translation packs
DJ-MediaTools translation packs
  • Arabic - 2,49% Danish - 79,42% French - 100% German - 89,25% Italian - 100% Polish - 80,47% Portuguese - 100% Portuguese-Brasil 100% Russian - 100% Slovak - 22,15% Slovenian - 29,49%
  • your language is missing?
  • DJ-MediaTools does not require any language pack for front-end. Language packs are for back-end only.
DJ-MegaMenu translation packs
  • Danish - 21,72% French - 99.1% German - 100% Portuguese - 99,1% Russian - 100%
  • your language is missing?
  • DJ-MegaMenu does not require any language pack for front-end. Language packs are for back-end only.
DJ-Reviews translation packs
  • French - 100% German - 63,5% Polish - 82,51% Portuguese - 100% Portuguese-Brasil - 100% Russian - 100% Slovenian - 100% Spanish - 93,92%
  • your language is missing?
J2Store translation packs
RTL language mode
  • yes
EF4 Framework translation packs

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The purchased Joomla template and extensions are for life. You are allowed to use a purchased Joomla template as long as you wish, no matter if your access to the download area expired or not.
After download access expiration you may still use your template and extensions. However your access to download updates will be blocked. If you need to renew downloading you may do it at your account with up to 60% discount.
After purchasing the Joomla template you will get access to download area. The access duration time for downloading packages is limited and depends on the license you choose.
It means that during this time you will get:
  • the access to download area to get packages
  • Joomla template and extensions updates
  • support
You are allowed to use a purchased Joomla template as long as you wish, no matter if your access to download area expired or not.
Yes. We provide a quickstart - it's a demo site copy of the template. If you would like to get the exact copy of the demo site (recommended) use this package to install Joomla manually. This way you will avoid configuring everything from scratch. If there are more than one demo site version available with your template, you will also get them.
Stock photos are not included and replaced by placeholders.
We also offer a free service of demo installation copy on your hosting.

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Yes. Depending on the tempalte and extensions you choose we provide many ready translations. However, if your translation is missing you may translate any word editing trnslation files, or in Joomla language overrides or any 3rd party extension.
Sure. We offer a free service of demo installation copy on your hosting.
You need a domain name and a web hosting plan with PHP version 7.0 or greater and MySQL version 5.6 or greater.

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Payment for the Product can be executed through

  1. Stripe – payment is serviced by Stripe, 510 Townsend Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.
  2. PayPal – payment is serviced by Paypal, 12312 Port Grace Boulevard La Vista, Nebraska 68128
  3. Bank transfer

Safe Payments

Before a template subscription expiration, then you may renew your subscription with a 60% discount. After the subscription expiration, you may still renew it but with the lower 40% discount. Commercial Joomla extensions and support are also included.
We offer refunds to any unsatisfied client up to 14 days after the purchase was made. Please read our Refund Policy for more information.

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During your access to the download area, we will be happy to deliver the best support and customer care. We provide many helpful tutorials, chat support, 1-1 support area via the ticket system. Check more here.
Support is provided from Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 17:00 UTC+2. Usually, response time takes no longer than 24hours.
Yes. We offer custom Joomla services starting from simple modifications to advanced solutions for Joomla CMS. Contact us here.

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