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9 tips for making money on classifieds website



Charge for posting in paid categories on classifieds website
1. Charge for posting in paid categories
Some advertising categories are pure gold, for example, cars - where big money is involved. When a vendor has the opportunity to earn a few thousand or more, he has no problem to pay an extra amount for displaying his ad. He knows that the result will be that more people / or potential buyers will see his advert.
paid duration on classifieds website
2. Charge extra amount for the additional time for displaying ads
The time how long the ad is displayed is a critical aspect. The longer the advertisement is posted online, the seller is sure that more potential customers will watch it. Classified ads websites are reviewed daily, so even a few hours more can turn out to be a sales success.
Charge for promoting ads on classifieds website
3. Charge for promoting ads
Promoting ads is the most popular way to collect fees. People who want to sell their product quickly must somehow distinguish their ads against others. The best way is to change the color or mark the announcement with a bright frame. Such a colorful decoration will attract the recipient's first sight for sure!
Charge for displaying ads in the first place on the list on classifieds website
4. Charge for displaying ads in the first place on the list
Website’s visitors usually focus only on the first results, so it's worth making the announcement top of the list. This way you can be almost sure that the potential buyer will not miss your ad. The DJ-Classifieds component comes with built-in options that allow you to automatically charge for displaying the advert as the first on the list. This is a prevalent method popular on well-known advertising portals.
Charge for adding extra images on classifieds website
5. Charge for adding extra images
The higher the number of uploaded images allows you to show your product more accurately. Your offer becomes more reliable and attractive - Everyone wants to see a product well described and presented with detailed information. Thanks to this the customer is sure what he is buying and knows the product is worth his money.
Charge for adding extra description on classifieds website
6. Charge for adding extra description
A more extended description will give the seller the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Thanks to the possibility of using more words, its offer will become more attractive to potential customers.
paying in points classifieds website
7. Allow paying in points
Create your virtual currency, sell virtual points to users for real money. The advantage of this solution is that you can use your closed points system and charge users, which will give your website an increased budget. Users can exchange points for specific activities on your site, for example promoting their ads, adding a more extended description or accessing the premium category.
plans packages for premium users on classifieds website
8. Sell plans packages for premium users
Sell plans packages for premium users, give them more freedom and more options to choose from. You can create different limits for your users - for example, limit the number of ads added to a selected group, give the opportunity to upload more photos or restrict access to selected categories and much more!
Banners on classifieds website
9. Banners - sell advertising space on your website
Do you see a lot of posters and banners on the streets? You can also sell advertising space on your website. Our classifieds software and classifieds website templates allow you to implement Google Adsense ads, which will allow you to earn on every click on ads or implement your custom banners, and charge advertisers with additional fees.


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