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JM-Furniture default version JM-Furniture purple version JM-Furniture beige version

This elegant and stylish graphic design of JM-Furniture template for sure will catch your eye. The demo site is created as an example for companies of furniture and interior branches but there aren't any code or graphic restrictions to use this template for other categories. What is more, the template is designed in 3 colour version, that you can choose the most favoured one.

As I mentioned about the template colour versions, let's see the template configuration where you can manage the template settings. Please see here the short article describing how to navigate to templates confinuration. JM-Furniture contains 2 selectors: Style Switcher and Template Color. The first one allows you to enable or disable the colour switcher on your website. If your colour switcher is disable, you have to set the default template colour, which are dark, purple or beige.

The important part of each template is its main menu. This template uses DJ-Multicolumn-Menu which is chosen here not without reason. For those, who would like to segregate their articles in category columns, this menu is ideal. The number of columns can be set by administrator. Read the detailed description of that extension here. The same menu is introduced in templates: JM-Spicy-Joe, JM-Cars01.

The another interesting extension is DJ-NewsTicker module, which is placed as a top right module "Be Up-To-Date". This simple module allows you to rotate news from selected directory. We also used this module on JM-Business02 template for "About Us" module in header area.

The third template extensions are DJ-Catalog component and its modules - ideal release for segregating and categorising displayed products. Optionally the product price can be set and displayed near the product description. See the blog version or table version of the component.

The company name can be easily replaced with yours, just navigate to your template directory and find  jm-furniture/images/logo.png file.
Of course you can use .PSD attached to the package and write your company name, then cut and upload the simillar file ( 325x75 px ).

See all template features here.

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jm-business02 jm-business02 jm-business02 jm-business02

We have recently released the new template JM-Business02.
This template is very fexible in many respects. First of all the graphic design isn't much temathic so it may be used for different companies/business without introducing any code or graphic elements modifications.
The second issue is about template's features. Most of them depend on template parameters which can be set on template's configuration. To make things clear, read this article describing where to find the configuration. The applied image is an example but refers to JM-Business02 template so we can base on it.

The default template colour is blue but optionally you can change colors between lightblue, green or maroon.
All available template colors see on demo template using template switcher (first one in left column).

The next very useful parameter is template width, which is not constant but can be easily modified by website owner.
The default template width is set on 960px, however, if you need to have your website wider ( for instance because of installed wide and advanced component ) it's no problem to change with in a very simple way without touching the template's code.

The template uses font size switcher. The default font size is 12px , lower - 11px , larger - 14px .
It can be removed from the template layout disabling it on template's configuration. The parameter below font switcher allows you to set your default template font.

JM-Business02 uses very popular extension which gives effect of dinamic content. DJ-NewsTicker module rotates news from selected category.
Read more about this module here.

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jm-spicy-joeNew template - JM-Spicy-Joe is a very uniqe and ideal for restaurant owners.
When it comes to technical data and template details, it's worth to explain some issues.
Please see here the main features of that template.

Starting with logo, it is set here as logo.png located in template's directory images/logo.png. The dimensions of logo image are 250x90 in pixels.

Header positions are set in an interesting way. All headers used in demo sites you can always find in joomla directory images/stories/modules/ .
The main header image is a cook with a few bowls of spices - header.png. The next one is header2.png set in the center on the top page. Here you can put some dishes from your menu and apply it to different website's areas.
Another picture is a table with a short note about latest news in your restaurant. It's  located in "news" position and the image is titled as news.png .
All these images can be very easy replaced with yours - in "source" folder in your purchased package you will find a small .PSD slices responsible for all images on the top page.

The next interesting value is a menu introduced here. It's DJ-Multicolumn-Menu which can be configured to display submenu in a few columns. To see detailed description fllow this link.

The template uses DJ-Catalog component and its extentions. This component may be very useful here. It can raise nubmer of your restaurant clients, because lots of them would like to see meals served in your restaurant. Contrary to all appearances, it could brings you many benefits.  The management of that component is very easy,  see the component documentation here.

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dj-0013The new version of DJ-0013 free template has been released recently. See detailed description here. Feel free to download and use it.

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jm-cars01Our new template JM-Cars01 is ideal for car mechanics and their garages. Graphic design are in metallic colors, some of the background layers merge visible, making the effect of consistency.
"Header" position is located absolutely and also you can insert the wider picture.

If you want to make some modification in the graphic design, you will find PSD files in the source folder in a downloaded package. You will also find a PSD file for the image placed in the header position.
It will make you easier to change the image of your car and replace pictures in a directory (images/stories/modules/header.png)
The image on the right side "Moto Car Company.com" is a logo.png image located in the template directory template/images / logo.png.
The dimensions of logo.png are (in pixels 236x129).

Another interesting thing is the menu used here. As we mentioned in the previous articles this menu differs from the normal menu because you can set the links in columns with this menu.
Default styled number of columns is 1 to 5.
See other templates where this menu is applyed: JM-Spicy-Joe, JM-Web-Designer.
Read more about this menu, you'll find more in the description in the template package.

In addition, the template uses dj-catalog component that allows you to create a image gallery with their descriptions and prices. Management of that component is very easy, if you want to read more, see the documentation of the component here.

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As the information about a serious vulnerability in the  1.1.2 Virtuemart component occured, all of our stores with VirtueMart has been upgraded to the latest stable version 1.1.4.
The problem apprears in the 1.1.2 version, where  the possibility of using "SQL Injections" ( inject any SQL queries using error in Virtuemart ) is available.
Everybody who uses the component in version 1.1.2 should upgrade their stores to the latest version.
Remember that your shop may lose some css styles. It depends on your store design where the files have been changes in the code, which, after update can be overwritten.

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Starting from January 2010, joomla-monster.com will no longer support InternetExplorer 6.

We do not conceal, that we announce this news with pleasure, and we agree with other developers, who believe that support for IE6 should be officially ended. This decision is made not only by developers of joomla templates. It became like a global shout or protest of a substantial number of developers - not to say all.

Perhaps you met with critical opinions about the IE6 browser.  And please believe, it's all true:)
IE6 was released in 2001 and frankly speaking, taking into consideration the latest technological and web standards, the last place of the browser list belongs to... IE6. Comparing it with other browsers, it stays in the great shadow.

So far, developers had a lot of toil to find the cause of many mistakes appearing in IE6. They were seeking lots of ways and hacks to make IE6 interpret many new implemented solutions like Safari, Firefox or other browsers offering modern standards. As a result of IE6 restrictions developers were forced to spend a long time on solving bugs, while other browsers allow create advanced projects avoiding so many problems.

Therefore, we stop checking out a compability of our templates at Internet Explorer 6 since January 2010.
All previous joomla templates and extensions of Joomla-Monster will be still compatible with IE6.
We encourage every user of IE6 to update IE6 to the newer versions.

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Starting from JM-Trekking template, we introduced a new menu module in some our templates.
You just have to set a number of columns you want to display.

The menu styles are placed in dj-menu module folder as menu-style.css
Default number of styled columns is 5 but if you need more, write your styles as in the example.

Another issue is the optional parameter named "Submenu to right from id".
Use it,  if your menu is long and the last submenu is displayed outside of your website's container.
Enter an id of parent menu item (see the screenshot  below), from which submenu should be aligned to right site of parent item.
Leave unchanged or enetr 0 to display all submenus from left site.

See some examples of that menu: JM-Spicy-Joe, JM-Web-Developer, JM-Cars01

Module's parameters:

DJ-Multicolumn Configuration


Column number – enter a number of columns you want to display in submenu
Submenu to right from id – enter an id of parent menu item ( see the screenshot  below ) , from which submenu should be aligned to right site of parent item; use it if your menu is long and last submenu is displayed outside of your website's container; this parameter is optional; leave unchanged or enetr 0 to display all submenus from left site


To get a menu item id navigate: Menus → Your menu name
See the exmple:

Menu Manager
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security_releaseNew version of Joomla is released.
Two security issues were fixed in Joomla 1.5.15 and also some problems connected with components, modules or plugins.
We strongly recommend to update your Joomla version.
Find out more details here

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We would like to inform all our customers that Joomla-Monster.com begins a promotion series for all templates. You will find 2 featured templates at a promotional prices.
Discount promotion will range from 15% to 30% of current template's price and therefore the prices of certain templates can be really low! Another promotional templates will be replaced after one week.
Do not miss the opportunity! Selection of promotional templates is random so we invite you to visit our store.

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To reveal a comprehensive view of all our templates we created a combination of them so you can look at templates exhibition from all categories in one place. You do not have to be suggested by the category containing a template you like. Sometimes it is enough to make small changes such as replacing a main image with your favourite picture to see the template from complately another angle.

See all our templates here.

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Our new template in Cars & Other Vehicles category is contrary to all appearrances very simple, especially for those who want to customize it by themselves.The leading image is embedded as a module position "header" and in fact, if you would like to use this template for other thematic categories than Cars you just need to change the main picture.


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