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jm-knightsJM-Knights joomla template is designed not only for medieval themes but for all issues connected with castles, queens, kings or an ancient events.
I'm going to describe some template's parts to let you know how the template can be managed or modified.

I will start with the wide picture of the large castle, which is a background of the top template's part. The image is located in template's image directory and the background style is added to:

layout.css file at line 18

#allpage {
background:url("../images/top_bg.jpg") no-repeat scroll center top transparent;

If you would like to change it, just override the image file. Note that the image is centered, so make sure that your image is wide enough.
You can use the PSD file of that template graphic design, which is included to your purchased package ( "source" directory ).

When it comes to logo - it's a crest located at the upper right corner of the website.
You will find that image in template's directory of images, so just override files to display your logo.

It's worth to mention about clouds, wchich cover the knight and castle.
It's also an image used here as a background for clouds div id:

layout.css file at line 50

#clouds {
background: url("/../images/clouds.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
position:absolute; top:175px;

If you don't like it, just delete these styles.

When it comes to knight and slogan at the top of website, these are modules located at specified positions.
See here all template's positions:  http://templates.design-joomla.eu/jm-knights/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=48&Itemid=64
It means, that the images can be modified in a very easy way, editing the modules and putting your own content.

The demo website contains DJ-Catalog2 and DJ-ImageSlider components and their modules implemented.
Learn more about our extenstions here: http://dj-extensions.com/

See here all template's features http://templates.design-joomla.eu/jm-knights/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=47&Itemid=63

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jm-baby-catalogYou can found our new joomla template JM-Baby-Catalog very useful and perfect for your company.

Both templates' demo websites contain our new DJ-ImageSlider component and its module, which allows you to display images in many ways. The module can work with the component or as standalone ( using images from specified directory ).
If you want to learn more about this extension visit our addons website http://dj-extensions.com/extensions/dj-image-slider.html . You will find out about all its features, which can be set and also see more module's layouts.

Another great extension introduced at JM-Baby-Catalog demo website is DJ-Catalog2 component, its modules and plugins. This extension can be used for your stationary store products in order to create a catalogue of your store stock.
As you noticed, DJ-Catalog2 allows you to add categories, producers or even product prices. You can add many images to your product and also attachments ( e.g. product instructions ) . 
Visit our forum and component website to learn more http://dj-extensions.com/extensions/dj-catalog2.html
Note that this component is not connected with VirtueMart.

Many demo website's modules contain custom HTML and CSS code. We engourage to install your joomla using quickstart.zip file, attached to a purchased package, to get the exact copy of the template's demo.

The header module is replacable, it means that you can create your own modules with different images at header position.
The current images are located in images/stories/modules directory.

As for the logo, navigate to template's directory templates/jm-baby-catalog/images and replace logo.png with yours.

See all template's features here.

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Here http://dj-extensions.com/ you will find joomla extensions created by Design-Joomla team. All of these releases are implemented on our demo websites.
You will also learn more about requirements needed to use them or monitor announcements.
Those who need any support connected with our extensions, visit our forum and leave us a message.

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A vulnerability issue was found in our new dj-classifieds extension.
The problem is already fixed.
Read more and download the update package here.

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We have released a first free template JM-0013 for Joomla 1.6 . See a description of this template and download the template package here.

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Our new JM-Real-Estate-Classifieds template is a new release connected with DJ-Classifieds component. You can download an instruction for that simple extension here . Full installation packages with the instruction are also attached to a  purchased package.

The template contails styles for RTL Languages.

The main template's image is located at "header" module position with "position: absolute;" style , so there is no problem to locate here wider image. Besides, in the "source" directory of a purchased package you will find header.psd file, which allows you to make any modifications to header.png image and save the picture  in the current dimensions.

The logo is placed in the template's directory of all images in: jm-real-estate-classifieds/images/logo.png

A menu the template uses is our standard DJ-Menu.

As the template contails 4 colour module's suffixes, you can manage your website's colour in a simple way. For example, if you don't like the green colour you can enter other availabe suffixes to your modules.
The modification of a top green part of the template is also easy, because it's enough to change the background image. In this situation you can use frontpage.psd file to introduce your changes.
The background is assign to "all" id, the appropriate styles can be found in:
layout.css at 14 line:

#all {
background: url("../images/green_top.jpg") repeat-x scroll left top #FFFFFF;

It means, that you can download green_top.jpg image to compare with your modified file ( dimensions ), then save and overwrite it.

See all template's features here.

The prevoius template connected with DJ-Classifieds component is JM-Classifieds.
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‫Starting with next new template, we are going to release all our templates with "RTL" option. The decision is a result of many requests and asks, we are getting from our clients, who use use rtl language direction.

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As a new joomla 1.6 beta has been already released, we are going to publish to download dj-0013 template for joomla 1.6
In a few days it will be ready and for free!

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jm-classifiedsJM-Classifieds template is created to present a new extension release which is DJ-Classifieds - very funcional component for advertising. Everyone especially owners of a social portals can find this extension as a very useful one. People could add their adverts in a thematic categories ( job, car sells, home rates etc. ) and what is more you can charge users for it. The management of this component is very easy, read the detaild description in the component manual here.

Of course if you like the design of the template but you are not interested in DJ-Classifieds, there is no problem to uninstall it and use the template only.
That's why I would like to describe the most important template's parts, which can help you with implementing a website.

Starting with logo image, it is loacated in templates directory in jm-classifieds/images/logo.png . The dimensions of logo.png are ( 290x70 in pixels ) , but if you logo is a little bit larger, it will not cause any damage.

The JM-Classifieds uses our standard menu, which is DJ-Menu.
You can download the latest version of the menu from design-joomla.eu.

The header area is divided into 2 parts - header-mod and header positions.
If you disable header-mod position, the header container will extend to 100% website width.
On the subpages we resign from header-mod position to show wider images, which are assigned to different menu links.

On the header position we placed another module DJ-TickerNews, which is is located absolutely.
Read more about this simple article rotator.

Three coloured modules at the top of website can be displayed on each subpage. The default colour module is grey but there is a posibility to set other background colour using suffixes.
See here all suffixes the template contains.

The layout of JM-Classifieds is different on the fronpage and subpages.
The frontpage layout consists of two columns content-right.
On the other hand the subpage layout consists of 3 columns left-content-right , where left and right columns are narrower than the right column on the frontpage.
Remember that if  you have any wide ( more than  181px ) displayed on the frontpage, this module may be too wide to display it on subpages.

See all template's features here.

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security_releaseSee here the very important article about the latest fix for VirtueMart component.
We strongly reccomend to update vulnerable file to avoid any risk of SQL injections in your store.

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jm-politicJM-Politic template is design especially for those who would like to stand as candidate in any elections connected with politic. Of course the template is ideal for any representative website of any business owners. The main characteristic of this template design is an image at the frontpage and three main slogans you want your potential electors/clients "force" to read.

The main image is very easy to replace with yours. The image is placed here as a custom module at "header" position. It is located in images/stories/modules/ directory of joomla installation as person.png. What is more you will find header.psd file in "source" directory of a downloaded package. It means, that you can mofify the picture of a pesron in a very simple way and save the image as person.png. Then just overwrite your the demo image with your person.png file in a location which was mentioned above.

Antother issue is connected with listed slogans. It is custom module at "header-mod" position. The module contains a specified code which usues some styles to appear in a particular way e.g.
indentation, cufon font.
All you need to change the text is to edit the module code ( using a proper button from your editor )

The code you will see is:
<li class="first">We are close to people</li>
<li>People are close to us</li>
<li class="last">Make right choice</li>

Now you can modify the text avoiding any problems with code

Taking into account your website visitors ( potential electors ) , we introduced in the template font size selector, which seems to be a very positive point for that kind of websites. You can manage it on template configuration.

More extensions:
DJ-NewsTicker module - see the description
DJ-Catalog component and its modules - see the documentation for that simple component

Read about all templates features here.

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JM-Furniture default version JM-Furniture purple version JM-Furniture beige version

This elegant and stylish graphic design of JM-Furniture template for sure will catch your eye. The demo site is created as an example for companies of furniture and interior branches but there aren't any code or graphic restrictions to use this template for other categories. What is more, the template is designed in 3 colour version, that you can choose the most favoured one.

As I mentioned about the template colour versions, let's see the template configuration where you can manage the template settings. Please see here the short article describing how to navigate to templates confinuration. JM-Furniture contains 2 selectors: Style Switcher and Template Color. The first one allows you to enable or disable the colour switcher on your website. If your colour switcher is disable, you have to set the default template colour, which are dark, purple or beige.

The important part of each template is its main menu. This template uses DJ-Multicolumn-Menu which is chosen here not without reason. For those, who would like to segregate their articles in category columns, this menu is ideal. The number of columns can be set by administrator. Read the detailed description of that extension here. The same menu is introduced in templates: JM-Spicy-Joe, JM-Cars01.

The another interesting extension is DJ-NewsTicker module, which is placed as a top right module "Be Up-To-Date". This simple module allows you to rotate news from selected directory. We also used this module on JM-Business02 template for "About Us" module in header area.

The third template extensions are DJ-Catalog component and its modules - ideal release for segregating and categorising displayed products. Optionally the product price can be set and displayed near the product description. See the blog version or table version of the component.

The company name can be easily replaced with yours, just navigate to your template directory and find  jm-furniture/images/logo.png file.
Of course you can use .PSD attached to the package and write your company name, then cut and upload the simillar file ( 325x75 px ).

See all template features here.

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jm-business02 jm-business02 jm-business02 jm-business02

We have recently released the new template JM-Business02.
This template is very fexible in many respects. First of all the graphic design isn't much temathic so it may be used for different companies/business without introducing any code or graphic elements modifications.
The second issue is about template's features. Most of them depend on template parameters which can be set on template's configuration. To make things clear, read this article describing where to find the configuration. The applied image is an example but refers to JM-Business02 template so we can base on it.

The default template colour is blue but optionally you can change colors between lightblue, green or maroon.
All available template colors see on demo template using template switcher (first one in left column).

The next very useful parameter is template width, which is not constant but can be easily modified by website owner.
The default template width is set on 960px, however, if you need to have your website wider ( for instance because of installed wide and advanced component ) it's no problem to change with in a very simple way without touching the template's code.

The template uses font size switcher. The default font size is 12px , lower - 11px , larger - 14px .
It can be removed from the template layout disabling it on template's configuration. The parameter below font switcher allows you to set your default template font.

JM-Business02 uses very popular extension which gives effect of dinamic content. DJ-NewsTicker module rotates news from selected category.
Read more about this module here.

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jm-spicy-joeNew template - JM-Spicy-Joe is a very uniqe and ideal for restaurant owners.
When it comes to technical data and template details, it's worth to explain some issues.
Please see here the main features of that template.

Starting with logo, it is set here as logo.png located in template's directory images/logo.png. The dimensions of logo image are 250x90 in pixels.

Header positions are set in an interesting way. All headers used in demo sites you can always find in joomla directory images/stories/modules/ .
The main header image is a cook with a few bowls of spices - header.png. The next one is header2.png set in the center on the top page. Here you can put some dishes from your menu and apply it to different website's areas.
Another picture is a table with a short note about latest news in your restaurant. It's  located in "news" position and the image is titled as news.png .
All these images can be very easy replaced with yours - in "source" folder in your purchased package you will find a small .PSD slices responsible for all images on the top page.

The next interesting value is a menu introduced here. It's DJ-Multicolumn-Menu which can be configured to display submenu in a few columns. To see detailed description fllow this link.

The template uses DJ-Catalog component and its extentions. This component may be very useful here. It can raise nubmer of your restaurant clients, because lots of them would like to see meals served in your restaurant. Contrary to all appearances, it could brings you many benefits.  The management of that component is very easy,  see the component documentation here.

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dj-0013The new version of DJ-0013 free template has been released recently. See detailed description here. Feel free to download and use it.


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