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I would like to inform all our customers that the new version of our DJ-Menu is reales and ready to download!
The new menu can be displayed with mootools effects instead of simple css styling.

Note that System – Mootools Upgrade plugin has to be enabled to allow the module to work properly.
Navigate to Extensions → Plugin Manager and check if the plugin is published.
Joomla! 1.5.19+ (plugin is available since Joomla! 1.5.19 as core plugin)


The example of the new DJ-Menu module usage you can see at JM-Royal-Beauty-Salon demo website.

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The video of JM-Flavour-Power template is ready to watch.

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jm-royal-beauty-salonThe new release of JM-Royal-Beauty-Salon joomla template is addressed especially for beauty theme but it can be also used for e.g. wedding or any woman or lightness websites.

The demo website of that template contains many our extensions, which can be found very suitable for your company.
The most powerful extension introduced for here is our absolute hit DJ-Flyer component and module. It's placed at "flyer" position and displays the company's offers from the specified category. To make your website more encouraging your potential clients to visit your beauty salon, you can put separete thumbnails of services with their names, an avarage service price and the full description of the service.
The standard frontpage content is hidden but you can make it visible if needed by enabling the "Frontpage View" option at template's parameters.

Starting with that template, we have introduced at its demo website the new version of DJ-Menu module, that allows you to display menu with mootools effects.
There is also the availability of the old dj-menu version usage - standard drop-down menu.

The another our new module implemented at demo website is DJ-ImageTabber module ( at "header" position ) that works with DJ-ImageSlider component.
It can be used to display examples of your salon works, any training results, something that make your potential clients more familiar with your brand.
There is also a possibility to put a custom module with a static image instead the DJ-ImageTabber.
The other module DJ-ImageSlider that can work standalone or with DJ-ImageSlider component is placed at "slider" position and displayes cosmetic brands recommended by the salon.

Modules at "bottom" position use a special code that allows you to display max. 5 modules in the first row and the next "bottom" modules will be moved to another second row.
The way how the code works you can read here, where the same solution is included to the template.

See all templates feature here

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jm-flavor-powerJM-Flavor-Power joomla template's layout is created especially for restaurant theme because of many graphic elemets of food that are parts of the template modules' background.

Take a look at the template module positions here. As you can see,  each part of the template can be easily replacable, even a cook placed over the "header" position.
You can see DJ-ImageSlider  introduced at the frontpage of the demo website but there are no restrictions to put here a custom image module e.g. on subpages.
To make your customization work with the template easier, we prepared 2 PSD files of header backgrounds.
Look for them in the "source" directory of your purchased package. The first one is responsible for the slide background, so you can use it to create your own slides.
The second one can be used to create a cutom header image with rounded white corners like here.

The "sidebar-mod" position contains a custom html code to show you the way of that module usage. Because of the menu book form,  consider making a menu list or put here a special offer etc.

The template includes styles for DJ-MultiTreeMenu module, our new menu extension based on mootools effects.

Another important extension, implemented at the demo website is DJ-Flyer component and its module. That joomla extension perfectly suits to the restaurant theme regarding to its functionality.
The DJ-Flyer module works with DJ-TabGenerator module here in order to create a tabs of category and put a separate DJ-Flyer module inside each tab.
But you can also create dish categories and its items with DJ-Flyer module only - we found the above way more interesting.

I would like to mention about template parameters. As you can see, the template doesn't include a main joomla content at the frontpage. If you enable "Frontpage View" , the default content will be visible. Otherwise it is hidden. You can also specify your logo image name and the path to the logo. And finally the cufon font, which is used for titles, can be disabled and the standard font ( here Verdana font )

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JM-ArchitectureThough JM-Architecture joomla template seems to be very simple, the demo website contains quite a lot of our extensions introduced.
But it doesn't mean that they are difficult to configure, quite the contrary you will find them really easy to manage.

Here you will find all important template features described ( modules position, suffixes, logo replacement, extensions etc. )

The demo of JM-Architecture template contains 2 new releases of our extensions resources.

DJ-ImageTabber is a new module, which works with DJ-ImageSlider component.
The module is assigned to "header" position and can be easily replaced with e.g. custom module if needed.
The demo website also uses the other module for DJ-ImageSlider, which is already known - displayed on "right" position under "See Vizualizations" title.
Read the extended component and modules description here.

It's worth to mention about a new menu release - DJ-MultiTreeMenu module, which uses mootools effects.
Put the mouse over "Joomla Overview" link of top menu and its submenu then check how the menu behaves.
Customers, who are going to build an extended menu with many submenu items find the menu very useful cos it allows to display a lot of items in many columns ( you can also set 1 column if you don't need many of them ) hide and make visible on mouse over - that effect is helpful especially if your menu is greatly extended, your menu map will appear to be more clear and readable.

And the last thing I would like to mention is associated with "topbox" and "bottom" module positions.
Though there are 3 modules displayed in the one row, you can create the next 4th module at e.g. at "bottom" position and it will be diplsayed in the next row.
The following article of JM-Intranet-Corporation describes the way how it works.

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New video of  JM-Baby-Catalog demo website is released.

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We have released a new menu module with our latest template JM-Electronic-Equipment joomla template.

DJ-MultiTreeMenu module allows you do display a horizontal menu with multi level trees and mootools effects, that can be choosen at module parameters.
Submenu items can be also displayed in multi columns, just have to specify a number of them.
Moreover, second level submenu items can be easily hide and visible on mouse over to give a possibility to create a great number of items and display them in a clear way.

Learn more details of menu configuration here.

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jm-electronic-equipmentJM-Electronic-Equipment joomla template is our new release with a new version of the previous mutlicolumn menu.
We have introduced a completely new menu at the demo website of that template - DJ-MultiTreeMenu with motools effects.

Take a look at the top horizontal menu of the demo website here.
Under "Joomla Overview" link, you can check how the menu works.
It's just the one example of a transition effect and here you can read the manual of the menu to learn more details.

As for the template,  is contains styles for 2 other our extensions: DJ-ImageSlider and DJ-Catalog2 components and its modules.
You will find an extended manual of  the components in a purchased package and also at Design Joomla Extensions website.

For more details about template positions and solutions visit demo website.

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A new joomla template video of JM-Eco-Cosmetics store is available.
We encourage you to watching.

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Watch a new video of JM-Eco-Cosmetics joomla template:

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An another joomla template video of our template is just released.
We encourage to watch it on our youtube channel.

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jm-eco-cosmetics JM-Eco-Cosmetics joomla template has different main columns layouts for frontpage and subpages.
Let's compare 2 screenshots here, the first one describes module positions at the fronpage, the second one at subpages.
The main differences you will find at right column,  first of all it is wider at frontpage than at subpages.
That's why the module positions' names are not the same ( besides "right-mod" position ).

The second important issue is connected with module suffixes.
Here you find a full description about module suffixes usage.

Modules at "bottom" position uses a special code, which divides the bottom area into 4 equal boxes in a very useful way.
Please learn more how the modules behave in case you want display more modules in a next row.
JM-Intranet-Corporation uses the same php code for bottom and top modules, so there is no sense to explain everything again :)

I would like to mention about a custom module, which is displayed at the frontpage at "content-mod" position.
The module contains an image with a minus top, bottom and right margin to receive an effect of outgoing leaves:
See the code how it looks:

<img border="0" style="margin-top: -114px; margin-right: -20px; margin-bottom: -40px;" alt="JM-Eco-Cosmetics" src="/jm-eco-cosmetics/images/stories/modules/content_mod.png">

Another imporatnt issue is connected with DJ-Catalog2 Frontpage module.
As you can see at the demo website the images are displayed with an elegant white background.
For the large image background styles looks like:
modules.css  line 395

So catalog_img_bg.png file from "images" directory of the template is responsible for the background.
For thumbnails background styles from modules.css  line 410 looks as follows:

.djf_mod .djf_gal td.catalog_small_img_bg a {
background: url("/../images/catalog_small_img_bg.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;

So catalog_small_img_bg.png file from "images" directory of the template is responsible for the background.

Now, why am I describing all of these details?
In case you would like to change large and thumbnails image dimenstions, you have to chage the background image dimensions also.
That's why we have prepare .PSD files of the background images, look for them into "source" directory of purchased package.
After modifing the background dimension, just overwrite the current files in the templates images directory.
Note that the background image for large picture has to be wider and higher 24px than a your picture dimensions.
Af for the thumbnails, the background images have to be larger 3px in width and height than specified picture width and height.

See here more template features.
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An updated version of free joomla template DJ-Deco is just released and ready to download.
The code of the template is completely rebuilt and also there is a difference in modules positions of that template.

The package has to be unpack first, because the downloaded package is not a template installer.
Besides the template, you will find 2 more zip files inside the package.
Both of them contains images, the first one:  image-for-search-button.zip contains searchButton.gif , wchich has to be copied to images/M_images/ of your joomla  if you want to display the same search button like on our demo website.
The second one images-for-header-module.zip contains 3 images from "header" position, so use the images to create custom header module like on our demo.

If you don't know how to create custom module, read the article:

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We encourage everyone who needs to learn joomla in details to use the service of online joomla training by:

Joomla WordPress and Drupal Training

The professional joomla training team will answer all your questions and help you to understand how joomla works.

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jm-intranet-corporationNew template jm-intranet-corporation addressed especially for intranet corporations or organizations has just been released.
I would like to describe a few details giving you advice, which can help to customize the template.

Starting with logo, cos it's the certain thing you will change, note that you can easlily replace the image with yours.
Navigate to template parameters , then you can modify a path and an image name.
Be sure that param.ini file, from template's directory, is writable, otherwise the data will not be saved.

The modules displayed at "topbox" and "bottom" positions behave in a vary interesitng and useful way.
The modules use a special code ( placed in lib/php/dj_setup.php ), which counts modules at these positions and then displays them in a row.
The code just "must know" the maximum number of modules in row.
For example for "topbox" position, we used code:

The line says, that the maximum 3 modules have to be displayed at "topbox" position with djmodule2 style ( declared in html/modules.php file )
It means that if you publish 5 modules at "topbox" position, 3 of them will be displayed in the 1st row and 2 others will be displayed in 2nd row, divided in two equal width.
As for the "bottom" position, the code looks as follows:

By the way, see here all template positions.

The template contains styles for dj-multicolum menu, where you can set a number of columns that a submenu has to be divided in.

The another our extension indroduced on jm-intranet-corporation demo is dj-tab-generator component and module.
The module is placed at "tabs" position, where you can find a few examples of content  displaying. 


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