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We have already updated the demo site of JM-Advertica template to the latest Joomla 1.7 version.
All previous template features are the same in the new package, just the core Joomla version has been updated.
See demo site of this template here.
Don't know how to update Joomla 1.6 to Joomla 1.7 ? Follow the instruction steps.

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The video of the latest template for Joomla 1.7, have a closer look at the main features of the DJ-Business003 template.

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The video of the latest template for Joomla 1.7,  have a closer look at the main features of the dj-american-bar template.

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We've got very profitable information for all our customers :)
The price for all VirtueMart stores has just been reduced by 20%
Note, that it's the final price for VM themes and we are not going to make it higher again.
It means, that the price for VirtueMart theme and the Joomla template ( both for one package ) is 37 GBP.

Also note, that a purchased package includes Quickstart, which is the exact copy of the demo site.
After the quickstart installation, you will receive the base to work on the project.
This way, you will avoid installing and confirguring all extensions used on the demo site from scratch.
It's the excellent occasion to have the closer look at our VM templates.

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Have a closer look at the main features of that template.

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We would like to inform our customers with pleasure, that we've got more than 1000 facebook fans :)
The number of our fans is still increasing, what is not a surprise, of course.
We encourage all our customers to join us on facebook since we keep posting the latest news and promotions or special offers, so it's worth  to be up to date with the hot news or the most beneficial offers!

social facebookJoin us!

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JM-TrekkingJM-Trekking - our latest release for Joomla 1.7
The template includes quite a lot of module positions, that are flexible, allowing you to arrange your website in the way that most suits your needs.
Take a look at the demo site of that template to see the example content, that may be a kind of inspiration.

The header area uses the dj-imageslider module, that works with dj-imageslider component to display slides.
Of course, there are no limits to use any other module here or the simple static image.
Note that the same dj-imageslider can be used for other module position to display slides from the completely other section.
Take a look at the demo site of that joomla 1.7 extension to see other interesting views of the module.

The demo website uses dj-multitreemenu module, that is perfect to handle with multiple menu items by displaying them as expandable submenus.

Here you can check all available template positions and module suffixes that you can use to make your website's design more diverse.

Learn more about the template features here.

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Watch our new template video of DJ-Modern-Company01 template for Joomla 1.7 !

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If you are an experienced Joomla user and belive, that the Joomla feature you need would improve Joomla management, don't waste time and add your suggestion on Joomla Idea Pool Forum.

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dj-modern-company01-17 dj moderncompany01 dj moderncompany01 dj moderncompany01

We have released the new version of DJ-ModernCompany01 template for Joomla 1.7 recently.  The global concept of the template layout completely differs from the old template version ( for joomla 1.5 ) , it means that the template's code is completely rebuit. The template is easy-to-use now and provides much friendly module positioning e.g using our extension - dj-imageslider.

Although the template contains 4 template colour versions, you will modify the template's colour parts with ease -  if you are, at least, a little bit familiar with html and css code, you will find this tool very useful -> http://getfirebug.com/  . Try it to inspect HTML code of your website and modify colours in real-time.
In case you would like to move left column to the right, just navigate to the template's configuration page to set the proper parameter.

In the purchased package you will find "source" directory that includes 2 PSD files, the first one includes few slices for titles or list background. The second one - header.psd - prepared to let you create the slides in the similar way as on our the demo website of this template.


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The simplest way to find out the main features of DJ-Business006 template. Note that this template also works with Joomla 1.7. Enjoy watching!

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Default template colour version Gray template version dj-business006-17-brown

The new version of DJ-Business006 template for joomla 1.6 was released yesterday. Since there is joomla 1.7 stable version available for download already, you can use that template with joomla 1.7 as well.
The new release includes 3 template colour versions to switch between them, but if the presented versions don't match your business leitmotif, you can use the .PSD slices to modify them and overwrite background images in the template's directory.

What is more, the template allows you to use 6 module suffixes to arrange your website in the way you most like. 
Look at the screenshots here to learn, which suffix names should be entered to the module parameter "Module Class Suffix" in the advanced options tab to achive the desired result.
Take a look also at the suffix of module height ( at the bottom of the article ). You may find that suffix very useful since the module's background can be controlled in this very simple way. For example, if you would like to display 3 modules at bottom position ( using default module design or secondbg suffix ) ,  it may occur that each of your modules has different height ( because of the coloured backgroud ) . 
The recipe to avoid handling with text adjustment etc. is as follows: enter height suffix to set the same height for your modules , example _mod350 ,where 350 means the height of 350 pixels.
Note, that the height suffix must be entered after the colour suffix to make it work correctly.
You can also set the same suffix for header module to control the height of the top part of the template layout.

I would like to call  RTL customers' attention to header position. Since it is the specific header image, that cannot be just horizontally rotated to show you the right view on demo, so we've created the header2 position for RTL option to display the header image in the proper way.

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watch the video of the latest our release - JM-Language-School template for Joomla 1.6

Visit us at YouTube to see more!

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We have recently refreshed the selector of demo websites of all our templates.
The new way of displaying our offers is much clear now and what is more, templates are marked with specific icons that give you useful information about the extensions, that the particular template uses. It makes searching much easier if you look for the demo site, where the particular extension is implemented. If there is no extension icon, it means that there are no additional extensions provided with a purchased package.

1. All available extensions can be found here -> http://dj-extensions.com , as you see their icons relates to icons used in our selector.

2. There are a few missing extensions, that are the past versions of the existing ones:

dj-menu - css drop down-> the past version of dj-menu ( with css drop down ) ; download here
dj-multicolumnmenu-> the past version of dj-multicolumnmenu ( with css drop down ) ; download here
dj-newsticker-> the simple article rotator, dj-newsticker; download here

3. Other icons that are displayed near the template name bring the following in formation:

free-> the template is free, you can download it for free

new-> the template is released recently

hot-> the template is often choosed by our customers, so it's the kind of recommendation :)

30d -> the template is available to buy with 30% off

morecolours -> the template includes more template colour versions

4. Moreover, we also present a few selected promotions that are currently available in our store.

Hope you enjoy it!

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language school language school language school

The new template offer for Joomla 1.6 has been released recently. JM-Language-School template includes 3 colour versions to give you a larger variety to select most suitable option for your website. What is more, if you know how to manage PSD slices,  there is possibility to generate as many template versions as you wish since the purchased pachage contains slices of the graphic design of that template - it means that you can modify images used for template's background, save them and replace the current background images.
The template layout includes 12 module positions that you can check here.
Also note, that there is a possibility to display modules with a few different suffix names to receive the most suitable module design.
For more template featres follow this link.


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