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Not sure what's included on demo sites of JM-Bio or JM-Architecture templates?
Watch video guide to get familiar with details.

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We have been waiting for the stable version of VirtueMart 2.0 for Joomla 1.7
The VM team has already released the stable version of the store component, so it's ready to use now.

Staring with JM-Eco-Cosmetics-Store we are going to convert most of our store releases to the latest Joomla & VM versions, as well as create new designs for VirtueMart component.

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Watch the short video guide of the main features of DJ-Promedical template.

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jm-beauty-salon, red version jm-beauty-salon, purple version jm-beauty-salon, red version

JM-Beauty-Salon template is very easy to customize, for sure this is the great value for web developers, who often make modifications for their customers.
We added additional template colour versions to this template's code to give you more examples of its appearance.

Few new module positions were added at the bottom of the template layout.
DJ-ImageSlider module rotates cosmetic brands logos at "banner" position instead of the static banner image.

What is more the "bottom1" and "bottom2" are vertically flexible layout parts, that allow to display max. 4 modules in one row, then you can go to the next row to display 1,2,3 or 4 modules.
Of course you can mix module suffixes at that positions.

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Watch the video to get familiar with the DJ-Jewellery template's features:

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jm-architectureJM-Architecture template is especially addressed to construction companies like architecture and civil engineering.

The template includes 4 module designs, that looks great if they are mixed together but the point is that using just one module suffix you can achive completely different website appearance.
I like the "blackbox" suffix most, try to mix them in may ways to check them all.

The template uses DJ-ImageSlider module & component in 3 various ways.
The same module is placed at the top of the site, rotating news, that are linked to the particular article. The second one is used at header position displaying slides from defined category. And the third module is assigned to right column to show company's project gallery.

If you build you site from scratch, we strongly encourage to install demo copy on your server to avoid configuring each template part.
Watch the video guide here.

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Learn most imporatnt features of DJ-Herbs - Joomla 1.7 template

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Do you like our stuff including all extensions ?
We will be very greatful, if you vote for us :)
Follow this link to give a vote.

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Watch the instructional video of JM-Fashion-Catalog template to learn most important demo site parts:

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jm-bio red version jm-bio blue version jm-bio green version jm-bio navy version jm-bio orange version

JM-Bio template includes 5 template colour versions, use the colour switcher at the bottom of the demo site.
Though the template is assigned to "Medical & Health" category, its wide range of colours allows to use this template for different other business branches.

What is more, the menus colours don't depend on the particular colour version.
There are 6 various colour suffixes for the standard joomla menu that you can use for each template colour.
Please see here all available module and menu suffixes.

Moreover the template includes 2 different layout options.

At the template configuration you can switch between 3 options:

  1. you can choose layout-1 for frontpage and layout-2 for subpages ( as it is now on the demo site )
  2. you can choose layout-1 for all pages
  3. you can choose layout-2 for all pages

See here how it looks at the template configuration page.
Please note that module positions of layout-1 differs from layout-2,  you have to take it into account while creating the site.
See here module positions for both layouts.

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dj-promedical blue version dj-promedical green versiondj-promedical purple version

The new version of DJ-Promedical template has been released recently.
The template is especially addressed for medical clinics or any other facilities associated with health care.
On the other hand, it may be used for an information portal ( something like medical center or guide ) that relates to any kinds of medical fields like dentistry, psychiatry or ophthalmology.

Due to the slices enclosed to the package, it's really easy to modify the template colour version in case the available variants are not suitable for your needs.
Then the colour replacement in the proper css style is just like a kid fun.

DJ-Catalog2 component used for e.g. services presentation perfectly play the role here.
Take a look at the blog view of that great extension, the items are displayed in a very attractive and clear way,  as well as the single item.

See template features here.

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Take a closer look at the most important features of JM-School template for Joomla 1.7 & 1.6.

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Not sure what demo of JM-Eco-Cosmetics template includes ?
Get familiar with all demo content parts watching the video below:

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We have already released the instructional video of demo copy installation.
The video gives you the detailed instruction, keeping you step by step during the whole installation process.

Before watching the video, we strongly encourage you to get familliar with the difference between the template and quickstart packages.
Read the article here.

Or if already know the difference just skip to the video :)

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If you are not sure, what kind of modules or extensions JM-Baby-Catalog demo site  uses, watch the following movie to dispel all doubts :)


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