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EF4 Joomla framework updated! Check what's new brings you EF4 4.8 version.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

I encourage you to update EF4 Joomla template framework since I'm 99% sure you will like new features in EF4 4.8 version :) The changelog for EF4 4.8 version is pretty short but it includes significant improvements we did.

EF4 layout design improved

Now, EF4's settings sections are divided into user-friendly and handy tabs. In our opinion, now settings are presented in a clear way instead of the long long long page with portions of settings. Take a look at the following example from advanced features. Previously all sections like Theme customizer / Developer tools / Optimization etc. were displayed on one page one after another. Don't you think it's user-friendly now?

ef4 tabs framework for Joomla

Besides this, we changed colors that give you more contrast and you will also find modifications in Layout builder section. We've merged several areas or change the presentation concept to be more visible and intuitive.

layut builde joomla

Next, we plan, organize template details and updates section but we will do it step by step while updating Joomla templates since those sections are specific for each template.

Added new optimization option - lazy loading for images on your Joomla website

For sure you will find this new feature helpful, look for it in Advanced settings -> Optimization. At first, we've done this option on Joomla-Monster website, then we've thought that this Joomla website optimization option can be successfully added to the EF4 framework. Check how it works on your site, let us know if any issues :)

lazy loading images joomla template

Labels descriptions are more informative

We are not English native speakers but we did our best to improve labels descriptions fixing grammar bugs :) and also added more details about options functionalities. 

label description jooomla


German language pack for EF4

Finally, we have German translation for EF4 and by the way, I would like to ask anyone who is interested in translating EF4 framework into the missing language simply contact us.

Let us know in comments if you like changes in the new EF4 4.8 version if any suggestions we would appreciate you give us your opinion.