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EF4 Framework updated to 4.7.2 version. See what changed.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

The latest EF4 framework 4.7.2 version comes with several important improvements and new significant feature for Joomla web developers. We have also fixed some bugs reported by users.

Let's take a look at some of improvements:

  • debug mode for JS and CSS optimization

Optimizing JS files is a very sensitive issue. Once you compress and merge all JS files, it may occur that some of the scripts will stop working properly. Our new feature will help you to debug the whole process to check how the plugin manipulates the scripts and style sheets. We mainly dedicate this feature to web developers, but we hope it will be useful for a wider range of users as well.

Debug mode for JS and CSS optimization.

  • JS and CSS merging improvements

A number of improvements related also to the latest 1.3.2 version of DJ-jQueryMonster plugin. Now, jQuery UI styles are merged and compressed along with other style sheets. There is also a fix which gives a possibility to skip jQuery, jQuery noconflict and jQuery UI files from optimization.

JS and CSS merging improvements.

  • template update notification improvements

We have included several fixes and improvements to the template update notifications. Now, the popup window will show the original templates only instead of all (duplicated or renamed) EF4 templates. We have also added a vertical scrollbar to the popup so it will not break if you have a lot of our templates on the list :)) There is also a script for refreshing the template version, because in some cases the update notification could appear even if the template has been updated to the latest version.

Joomla template update notification.

  • several bug fixes

This release include also several bug fixes that were reported by users recently. We are very graceful for your feedback and reports. If you have any questions or ideas related to EF4 Framework, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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