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How to solve issues with update to Joomla 3.6.1 or later.
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While updating Joomla! to 3.6.x version you may encounter some problems. In this tutorial you'll find most often issues listed and solutions to fix them quickly.
Solution for: 1602 Duplicate sql entry error while updating to Joomla 3.6.
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In this tutorial I would like to show you how to solve most common issue that may appear when updating to Joomla 3.6. The same problem appeared while we had been in the middle of our templates update so we created a script that helped us a lot. Now we want to share it with you. The database fix script has been tested on over 80 Joomla! installations on our servers.

JM Sport - check what's interesting.
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A sound mind in a sound body - express sport emotion using our latest JM-Sport template!

This template is designed for all activities related to sports. It is not intended only for football or running website. It can do much more!

Artists! Show off your work by using this professional portfolio template!
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Every artist needs to be able to present their work. Nowadays one of the most popular ways of getting a large number of viewers is the Internet. You are a photographer, graphic designer, you have a creative agency and maybe have other interests? This template is just for You.

Looking for perfect e-commerce template to create successful online store? Do not miss JM Trendy J2store!
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Planning running an online store? Better choose JM Trendy J2Store.

It is really simple! Check out JM Simple accessible Joomla template.
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Do you run a small business? This template is ideal for your company!
This template has everything you need to build a simple website. You can perfectly present your company. Thanks to the extended solutions you have the ability to fully reflect the character of your business. Most importantly, the template looks modern and attracts the the site visitor's eye.

Get this template to build successful restaurant site.
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JM Best Food Bar Joomla template is mainly dedicated for restaurant, café, pizzeria, pub and all industries related with the gastronomy. Template is ideal for blogs as well. If you want to create a blog where you put your own recipes for dishes with the images and movies of their preparation, you’ve found the perfect template! It’s really multipurpose template. Thanks to flexible solutions can use it to create any simple website about various industries.

How to use keyboard shortcuts with WCAG (Section508) compatible template?
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As you already know, we are praud of that Joomla-Monster is a pionieer at creating accessible Joomla templates and more and more customers appreciate our projects. We must admit that making the site accessible is a hard work since there are many criteria that have to be met. It's not about the template only but extensions that the specific template work with. That's why we had to cooperate closely with DJ-Extensions team to update the several extensions we needed and make them compatible with WCAG standards

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Must read about great features of JM Trips onepage Joomla template!
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Our latest JM-Trips one page Joomla 3 template is dedicated for all those, who have something in common with the wild journeys into the unknown places. Template is great for unusual travel agencies, survival schools, enthusiasts of adventure sports and so on. The template is perfect for local travel agencies advertise a service to organize events: camping trips, kayaking or holiday travels. It's also extremely suitable for personal blog, describing the events of the trip or designing the page about the natural environment and untainted beauty of mysterious world.

Must read article! Check JM Guest House template possibilities.
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We’re pleased to present the latest template: JM Guest House. As the name suggests, we dedicate this template in particular for companies engaged in broadly understood hotel industry. This is a great base to create the service, which perfectly presents your business and give customers information about it. What are the main features of our template?

JM University follows recommendations for making web content more accessible.
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We are happy to announce that our Joomla university template - multipurpose education template is WCAG (Section 508) ready

Check what's interesting about JM Job Listings - Joomla classifieds template.
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Don’t waste your time and explore the possibilities of our new template! We called it JM Job Listings, but in fact it’s perfect environment to build a website for many other subjects. We recommend this template for all those who want to create a service with local offers, public tenders, database of job seekers, compare products and so on!

JM Commune Offices - perfect Joomla template for public institutions.
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We’ve prepared a template, which is perfect for public institutions, offices and municipalities. It can be used as information pages for big cities and small towns.
If you want to promote your city, this template is just for you!
You can easily put your most important information about plans or urban development, as well as the most important information of everyday life - local news.

Make an Accessible Website with WCAG 2.0 Compliant  Joomla Templates.
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Due to very frequent questions about websites complying with the standards of WCAG (Section 508) we've decided to create a Joomla templates for a public institution, school, and small business that follow WCAG requirements with Joomla CMS. Learn more about WCAG website compliance or skip the info to get WCAG 2.0 templates for Joomla.


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