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Web accessibilitytested with most popular tools and
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  • demo copy - quickstart package
  • extensions used on demo site
  • template package
  • framework package
  • manual
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Well-designed and flexible eCommerce solution with Joomla CMS. Don't miss to view this eCommerce Joomla template that is ready to use the online store site.

ZoneStore eCommerce template is a simple eCommerce solution with all necessary e-commerce features that allows you to create a successful online store. The store engine is based on DJ-Catalog2 catalog & store component. Moreover, it follows the latest law requirements and the eCommerce component includes GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

ZoneStore also includes adjustments for people with disabilities WCAG compliance which will help you to avoid problems with the law in your country if you are obliged to make your eCommerce WCAG and ADA compliant.

What is more, ZoneStore eCommerce Joomla template has been inspired by Amazon selling tricks and layout elements arrangements solutions. Here you may read more about details for the following pages:

ecommerce Joomla template

100% responsive eCommerce website design

It's 100% responsive & mobile friendly eCommerce Joomla template for Joomla CMS. ZoneStore eCommerce template is tested for mobile devices and adjusted to all screen views to allow users to browse it easily. Build an eCommerce website with fully responsive eCommerce website design which makes it user-friendly for use on phones or tablets.

Based on flexible eCommerce software for Joomla CMS

Build your online store with powerful eCommerce software with Joomla CMS. DJ-Catalog2 eCommerce software offers the flexible eCommerce solution for Joomla CMS. Now it’s a feature-rich eCommerce platform, easy to use, allowing to create an online store and start selling your products using all features required for a professional e-commerce website.

Based on flexible eCommerce software for Joomla CMS

eCommerce software is GDPR compliant

eCommerce software is GDPR compliant

DJ-Catalog2 eCommerce software introduced additional form controls which makes the component compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

There are two types of forms which collect personal data and which might oblige you to do enable required checkbox fields along with the information why you need to collect user data and whether the user accepts your website's privacy policy:

  • Ask about this product form
  • Cart form (Query or Checkout)

Trust selling methods proven in practice like in Amazon store

Designing ZoneStore eCommerce Joomla template we analyzed the most popular and successful eCommerce website design tricks - Amazon. We've focused on each element of the Amazon website, gathered all necessary website sections with all items that Amazon show and then implemented the same on ZoneStore eCommerce template. 

Amazon website design is a very minimalist taking into account displaying eCommerce features items on eCommerce pages excepting a product page. Take a look at the front page or product list - it's focused on suggesting and recommending products, promoting, catchy images, banners rather than overloading with text and other details.

Read more here how we designed the front page, the article covers the following topics:

  • Banners located at the very top of the website
  • The visible place for your eCommerce website logo
  • Visible search and an attractive list of results
  • Well-organized categories
  • The friendly account & orders & cart area
  • The slider is the significant element on the front page
  • Show off most popular or new categories
  • Show off your best selling products
  • Promote your products using banners
  • A magnet for users looking for something special
  • The footer area should give the users quick access to the most requested information

ecommerce software inspired by amazon tricks

Optimal products list view like biggest brands selling tricks

Optimal products list view like biggest brands selling tricks

ZoneStore eCommerce template is a much simpler eCommerce solution than Amazon. It's dedicated for small business online store owners, however, while building ZoneStore online store we were focused on eCommerce website design details that play a great role and have a big impact on customers perception of products searching simplicity and ease.

Amazon store gives us tips you may follow on products list, read about:

  • Useful, clear & easy to understand elements on products list
  • Do you set product filtering option correctly?
  • Compare eCommerce feature for lost customers
  • Catch customers who are in a hurry
  • Table or Grid? What product listing layout you prefer while browsing products?
  • Customers often trust the quality brand
  • Displaying eCommerce category tree in a clear way

Help & FAQ are necessary sections on an eCommerce website

The help and faq section on online store should include all available resources in one place to let customers find information in a minute. A right help section should also be easy to scan. It means that the first view needs to encourage people to see what they are looking for and force them to read.

Read more about "how can I help you" page:

  • How can we help you? - quick access to most significant information on an eCommerce website
  • Browse help topics - quick access to frequently asked questions on an eCommerce website

Help & FAQ are necessary sections on an eCommerce website

catchy promotial page for special deals on ecommerce website

Catchy promotional page for special deals

"A promo ready-made page" is a ready solution for ZoneStore eCommerce software for Joomla and can be very useful when it comes to a promotion of a specific product or a larger number of selected products on your online store.

The offer may concern, for example, the whole category or products containing particular elements. This is the perfect place on the eCommerce website to carry out a given promotional campaign.
Read more about how useful you may find the promotional page on your online store.

eCommerce website accessibility for people with disabilities, WCAG compliance

Recent statistics show that around 1 in 5 people in the U.S. live with one or more disabling conditions. Hundreds of lawsuits alleging ADA discrimination were filed against websites and it costs e-commerce retailers expensive and lengthy litigation.

To prevent the digital exclusion on your eCommerce website and avoid problems with the law in your country make your online store accessible to all users including those with vision, physical, cognitive, and hearing impairments.

WCAG compliant eCommerce software read about:

  • Shopping must be a nightmare
  • Acquire new loyal customers
  • E-commerce retailers are confused but there is a solution
  • How do WCAG improvements for eCommerce look in practice?

eCommerce website accessibility for people with disabilities, WCAG compliance

Based on flexible Joomla framework EF4

You may adjust the template to your needs without touching the code! EF4 powerful Joomla Framework give you many helpful features from modifying the template colors to adjusting template layout to desktop and mobile devices.

What's included in the template price?

General info about this template

Technical data

  • blog
  • portfolio
  • product directory
  • rating & reviews
  • services presentation
  • shopping cart
  • sliders & galleries
  • accessibility ready (WCAG & Section508)
  • admin template customization panel
  • content managment
  • responsive layout - adapts to any screen size
  • layout builder
  • unlimited template color versions
  • code injection
  • back to top button
  • font size switcher
  • logo uploader & site description
  • favicon uploader
  • hide component
  • extended typography
  • enable/disable responsive layout
  • enable/disable facebook open graph
  • store & upload your settings
Layout builder
  • create different layouts for desktops/tablets/mobiles
  • customize the template layout to suit your needs
  • assign layout to menu items
Color modifications
  • front-end theme customizer
  • back-end color modifications
Font settings
  • web safe fonts
  • google web fonts
  • web fonts uploader
  • glyphicons
  • font awesome
  • font size setting
  • font color setting
Template widthdefault width 1520px, boxed or fluid, pixels or percent, configurable at template parameters
Module positions41+
Module designs1 default + 5 additional module designs, 4 additional DJ-MediaTools module designs, 4 additional JM Additional Features module designs, 1 additional JM Simple Tabs module design, 2 additional DJ-Catalog2 Items module designs, 1 additional DJ-Catalog2 Search module design, 1 additional Joomla menu module design, 1 additional article view design, 1 additional DJ-MegaMenu menu module design, 1 additional DJ-MegaMenu menu item design
Web formslogin form, user registration, contact form, search form, product submission, ask about product form, query form
Custom pagescustom 404, coming soon

Performance & Optimization

Performance & validation reportslightweight and very fast-loading design, get more visitors to your site thanks to SEO optimized code, high gtmetrix speed score - enter the demo url to check results, high page speed results, this template is mobile-friendly, passes w3c validator
  • compress HTML
  • compress & combine CSS
  • compress & combine JS
  • lazy loading
  • defer JS
  • skip files from optimization
  • DJ-MediaTools mobile image optimization
  • DJ-MediaTools lossless image compression
  • DJ-MediaTools defer JS
  • DJ-MediaTools lazy load
  • DJ-MegaMenu defer JS
  • DJ-Catalog2 image optimization

Compatibility & Requirements

Web standards
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap 2.3.2
  • LESS
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • source maps
  • semantic code
Crossbrowser compatibility
  • IE11
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
Mobile compatibility
  • iOS Safari
  • Android Browser
  • Chrome for Android
Hosting requirements

Translation info

Joomla translation packs
DJ-Catalog2 translation packs
  • Arabic - 0,15%, Bulgarian - 27,26%, Chinese (Taiwan) - 73,89%, Danish - 87,83%, Dutch - 74,75%, French - 99,9% German - 100%, Hungarian - 69,22%, Italian - 40,19%, Japanese - 30,33%, Persian - 67,81%, Polish - 81,74%, Portuguese - 99,9%, Portuguese-Bras
  • your language is missing?
DJ-MediaTools translation packs
  • Arabic - 2,49% Danish - 79,42% French - 100% German - 89,25% Italian - 100% Polish - 80,47% Portuguese - 100% Portuguese-Brasil 100% Russian - 100% Slovak - 22,15% Slovenian - 29,49%
  • your language is missing?
  • DJ-MediaTools does not require any language pack for front-end. Language packs are for back-end only.
DJ-MegaMenu translation packs
  • Danish - 21,72% French - 99.1% German - 100% Portuguese - 99,1% Russian - 100%
  • your language is missing?
  • DJ-MegaMenu does not require any language pack for front-end. Language packs are for back-end only.
DJ-Reviews translation packs
  • French - 100% German - 63,5% Polish - 82,51% Portuguese - 100% Portuguese-Brasil - 100% Russian - 100% Slovenian - 100% Spanish - 93,92%
  • your language is missing?
RTL language mode
  • yes
EF4 Framework translation packs

Q: Is it possible to use this template only for the product catalog and have only the button "Ask about this product"? I don't want the "Add to quote" and the Checkout button to appear.

A:  Yes, you may disable the query cart in dj-catalog settings and use the template as a simple catalog without "Add to quote" functionality.

Ask about this product

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