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Directory and eCommerce software for Joomla

5.00 (1 votes)
Ajax Filters App

DJ-Catalog2 Ajax Filters App

the fastest way to filter the results in store

5.00 (1 votes)
Joomla mega menu free download


Mega menu for Joomla

5.00 (2 votes)

12 Apps for DJ-Classifieds - bundle pack

add extra functionality to DJ-Classifieds expanding its possibilities

5.00 (1 votes)
Classified Ads Website Software Like OLX
hot new!


classified ads script for Joomla CMS, dj classifieds, ajax search, private messaging

4.35 (20 votes)


private messaging for Joomla

5.00 (1 votes)
eCommerce website template inspired by Amazon marketing tricks & GDPR compliance

JM ZoneStore

eCommerce Joomla template, 100% responsive eCommerce website design, WCAG and ADA compliance

5.00 (5 votes)

JM Events Agency

events Joomla template, free events Joomla extension, allows submitting events from the front end

4.29 (24 votes)
Classified Ads Website Template Like OfferUp


Multipurpose classifieds website template for Joomla CMS, ajax search, classifieds rating and reviews

4.90 (21 votes)

JM Lux

Multipurpose ecommerce Joomla template, J2Store integrated, beautiful design

4.75 (8 votes)
4.00 (6 votes)
Education Joomla Template WCAG 2.0 & ADA

JM Education

Excellent school Joomla template, WCAG and ADA compliance, integrated with Joomla events calendar

4.64 (11 votes)

JM Car Classifieds

Auto Classifieds Listings

4.75 (16 votes)

JM Amp

Theme for Accelerated Mobile Pages

5.00 (8 votes)
5.00 (4 votes)
5.00 (2 votes)
5.00 (2 votes)
4.50 (8 votes)
5.00 (3 votes)
4.00 (4 votes)
4.09 (11 votes)
3.50 (6 votes)
5.00 (6 votes)
4.80 (10 votes)

JM App

business & startup Joomla template, many simple modules, product and services presentation

5.00 (4 votes)
Joomla Product Catalog - Homepage

JM Product Catalog

Joomla eCommerce, products catalog possibility, custom fields in a store component, galleries

5.00 (3 votes)

JM Animals

Pets & animals classified ads Joomla template

5.00 (9 votes)

JM JoomAdvertising

Best Joomla template for classifieds website

4.39 (23 votes)

JM Sport

sport Joomla template & club news, sports management extension, matches schedule, table with the results of matches (score table)

4.60 (5 votes)

JM Portfolio

Creative Agency & Portfolio Template

4.60 (5 votes)
J2Store Joomla template

JM Trendy J2Store

Multipurpose shopping cart, Joomla template for J2Store, sliders, product reviews

4.85 (13 votes)

JM Simple

Multipurpose business Joomla template, WCAG 2.0 and ADA compliance, simple sliders, mega menu and easy contact

4.84 (19 votes)
Restaurant Joomla Template - Homepage1 with Background Image

JM Best Food Bar

Joomla template for restaurant websites and food related

5.00 (9 votes)
Trips Joomla template

JM Trips

Best Joomla template for travel agency

4.86 (7 votes)

JM Guest House

Hotel & Travel Offers for Joomla CMS

5.00 (6 votes)

JM Exclusive Furniture

Multipurpose Product Directory for Joomla

5.00 (4 votes)

JM Job Listings

Online job board Joomla template

4.67 (15 votes)
School WCAG Joomla template

JM University

Best Joomla school template, WCAG and ADA compliance, awesome sliders

4.18 (22 votes)

JM Minima

Multipurpose Product Directory

4.43 (7 votes)

JM Renewable Energy

Green & Eco Business Template for Joomla

4.83 (6 votes)

JM Apartments

Rooms & Apartments Offers Template for Joomla

4.55 (11 votes)

JM Cleaning Company

Multipurpose services Joomla template

5.00 (6 votes)

JM Fitness

Sport, Fitness & Gym Template

4.14 (7 votes)

JM Computers and Electronics VirtueMart

Multipurpose eCommerce Joomla template, VirtueMart, sliders, easy contact

4.67 (3 votes)

JM Internet

Multipurpose Business Template

4.75 (20 votes)

JM Kids Fashion VirtueMart Store

free eCommerce Joomla template

4.17 (6 votes)

JM Modern VirtueMart Store

Multipurpose eCommerce Template for Joomla

4.71 (7 votes)
Joomla Installation Service

FREE Installation service (limited time offer)

quickstart installation service

3.87 (15 votes)

Joomla template customisation

get template adjusted to your needs

0.00 (0 votes)


annual price

5.00 (1 votes)

Joomla templates & extensions bundle.

Joomla templates bundle pack + Joomla extensions

4.19 (21 votes)

JM Financial Services

Finance & Accounting Template

5.00 (4 votes)

JM Dating

Dating Classifieds Listings

5.00 (2 votes)

JM Car Dealer

Multipurpose Product Directory for Joomla

4.86 (7 votes)

JM Services

Multipurpose Corporate Template

4.81 (32 votes)

JM Beauty Center

Health, Wellness & Beauty Template

4.60 (5 votes)

JM Real Estate Ads

Real Estate Classifieds Listings

4.83 (6 votes)

JM Modern HikaShop

Hikashop Joomla template

4.67 (3 votes)

JM Doctor

Multipurpose medical & doctor Joomla template

5.00 (8 votes)

JM Starter

Multipurpose Company Template

5.00 (3 votes)

JM Joomads

Multipurpose classifieds Joomla template

4.50 (18 votes)
News Joomla Template - blue color version

JM Hot News

Magazine and news Joomla template, newspapers, city websites, video, and image sliders, extended mega menu

5.00 (7 votes)

JM JoomClassifieds

Multipurpose Classifieds Listings

4.35 (26 votes)

JM News Portal

News Joomla template, news suggester, video and galleries, optional classifieds section

4.50 (8 votes)

JM Creative

News Blog & Magazine Template

5.00 (1 votes)

JM Tropical Hotel

Tropical Travel, Hotel & Tour template

3.00 (2 votes)

JM Wedding06

Wedding Event Template

5.00 (1 votes)

JM Royal Beauty Salon

Beauty, SPA & Health Template

5.00 (2 votes)

JM Italian Restaurant

Food & Restaurant Template

5.00 (2 votes)

JM School Tools

School Accessories Directory

5.00 (1 votes)

JM Personal Site

Multipurpose Personal Business

5.00 (1 votes)

JM Free Ebooks

Books & E-Books Directory

3.50 (4 votes)

JM Hotel

Hotel & Apartments Directory

4.40 (5 votes)

JM Lifestyle

Multipurpose Lifestyle Template

4.29 (7 votes)
Joomla 2.5 Templates
0.00 (0 votes)


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