1. Target direct right people to the proper sites.

Customers are often looking for specific thematic templates. Acting in our partner program, you should remember that the most effective way of obtaining the clients is putting them to the appropriate place on the site.
The best way is to post on your site all information about the new templates from joomla-monster. Writing articles gradually accumulate information about all templates, which will increase your chances for better sell. Always build descriptions with the unique content, illustrate articles with nice screenshots, direct links to the site with a  specific template.

2. Use the promotions and discounts.

Stay up to date. Take advantage of promotions and discounts to get new customers.
On  joomla-monster.com website you will always find the latest news about promotions.
Do not hesitate to direct visitors to these sites.

There are 2 ways to create your affiliate link.
Detailed description can be found at your affiliate administrative panel in Alternate Incoming Page Links section.

1. You can use Automated Link Creation option

2. You can create your affiliate link by yourself using the following structure:



[affid] is ?id=your id number
e.g. ?id=0 (0 is your affiliate ID)

&url=[anyurl]  is &url=url of page of our site
e.g.  http://affiliate.joomla-monster.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=0&url=http://www.joomla-monster.com/available-promotions

The final example affiliate url would look as follows:

In addition, remember about special offers and other valuable promotions for our customers!
Every week ( Wednesday ) we release 3 new templates in a special offer that you can buy at reduced price ( 30% discount of template's price ).
Be informed and inform your visitors about these occasions.

3. Use the power of gifts.

At joomla-monster.com you will always find a few free templates.
You are our partner so we have a special offer for you.
You can download all of them, replace the link in the footer with your affiliate one (preferably to joomla-monster.com homepage) and add in your download section.
Since that time, every of downloaded and installed template will work in your favor. Users frequently click on those links in the footer to see who is the author. Remember that each click is a potential sale. It does not matter whether today or next year!

4. Blogging

Write an interesting advice describing the new features used in our templates or related topics.
Share your comments with community and apply any substantive text of the affiliate links pointing to the download section.
You can, for instance, describe how to effectively use DJ-Catalog2 component to present a companys' products giving examples of our templates.

5. Promote our newsletter

Encourage people to subscribe to our newsletter.

Remember that even if a customer likes our templates it doesn't mean he has to buy them immediately. Perhaps today he doesn't need one but tomorrow he would.
On the visitor's browser your cookie is saved. If later (within one year from the click on your link) the customer makes a purchase, the commission is yours!

6. Use signatures

You are the active member of the Internet community. Leave your posts on various forums, comments, or send e-mails.
Remember the power of the signature and footer. You can add there a short description + your affiliate link. But remember the rules. It's better to mask the links. For this purpose, use the service to allow shortening URLs such as http://tinyurl.com/
Some forums in the regulations prohibit the use of affiliate links. Respect this.


Remember that advertising is effective, when it goes to the appropriate audience! Therefore, if you publish affiliate links on your site designed for Joomla users, you are closer to success!


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