Having not enough time to keep following each template that we release?
Here is the simple recipe to avoid monitoring each new template from Joomla-Monster.

The code below allows to display all our templates using blog view:

<iframe style="border: none;" src="http://www.joomla-monster.com/joomla-templates?tmpl=component&affid=104&cols=4&style=infinite&count=12" width="1200" height="600"></iframe>

This is how it may look on your site!
Example of the blog view of all Jooomla-Monster templates that you can receive.


Check this example online here.
Nice? :)

So let's take a closer look at the code once again:

<iframe style="border: none;" src="http://www.joomla-monster.com/joomla-templates?tmpl=component&affid=104&cols=4&style=infinite&count=12" width="1200" height="600"></iframe>

The most important is src -> URL: http://www.joomla-monster.com/joomla-templates?tmpl=component&affid=104&cols=4&style=infinite&count=12

tmpl = [component] * - necessary to commnicate with Joomla-Monster
affid = [affiliate id] * - enter your affiliate id
style = [normal/infinite] - choose if you want to display pagination or display all template on one page
cols = [number of columns] - up to 4 columns
count = [number of items] - enter the number of items

* required

width = [width of iframe]
height = [height of iframe]

optional additional paramaters:
order = [i.name, i.created, i.category] - change the default template ordering, you can order by template name, date or category name
dir = [asc|desc]  - choose descending/ascending order direction
css = [base64 encoded URL to CSS stylesheet] - here you can enter the url to your custom css stylesheet of the particular blog parts e.g. template titlte color, the url must be encoded with http://www.base64online.com
count = [number of products to display per page]

So the url may look like:


And final code to place on your site (for example in the article or module) may look as follows.

<iframe style="border: none;" src="http://www.joomla-monster.com/joomla-templates?tmpl=component&;affid=104&cols=4&order=i.created&dir=desc&count=12&style=normal&css=aHR0cDovL3Rlc3R5LmRlc2lnbi1qb29tbGEuY29tL21vL2pvb21sYTI1L21vZHVsZXMvbW9kX3N0b2NrX2drNC9zdHlsZS9zdHlsZS5jbc3Mi=" width="1200" height="600"></iframe>

Easy? :)
Try it & save your time!


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