What does the subscription mean in practice?

Customers often have doubts what the subscription exactly means in practice.
They seem to be surprised that they got the subscription after purchasing the template.
Usually they say "I thought that I bought the template for life! Will I have to pay for it after the subscription expire?"

The truth is that you will always get the template for LIFE and you can use it as long as you need.
The subscription is the additional service included in the price.
Also check the description of the download area.

On the other hand, there are customers who, hmm, let say they think that they know what the subscription means but actually they require more than the subscription include in fact.

Please take a look at the short comic story and analyse it.
Find out how the purchasing in Joomla-Monster template store is simillar to purchasing products in other traditional stores.
You may be surprised how simple is the rule and almost does not differ from each other.
Hope the comic will make it clear and dispel doubts.