What does the subscription mean in practice?

Customers often have doubts what the subscription exactly means in practice.
They seem to be surprised that they got the subscription after purchasing the template.
Usually they say "I thought that I bought the template for life! Will I have to pay for it after the subscription expire?"


Description of the download area

After a template purchase, you will be allowed to download many files.
Read a short description of all of them.


How can I download purchased template?

After making the purchase you have to wait few minutes (sometimes it takes more time, depends on the client location) till 2CO payment processor verify your credit card.
2CO has to check if you are aothirized customer to pay with the credit card you used.


How to buy?

Paypal and a wide range of credit cards can be used to pay for your template.
We offer secure online payments with 2Checkout.com, Inc.


Developer Friendly Code

Our templates use a simple framework with well commented code.


What is a Quickstart?

Do not know the difference between the template and quickstart packages?
Take your time and read this article.


How to get a purchase invoice?

Please contact us at via ticket system withing 7 days after the purchase and provide us your order number as well as company details.
Then we will send you your invoice.